Image credit: L. Cicero For the remainder of the academic year, Etchemendy will serve as special assistant to President Marc Tessier-Lavigne and incoming Provost Persis Drell to help in the continuing administrative transition. He will then take a year-long sabbatical before returning to teach philosophy, higher education and leadership. In the recession, despite experiencing a 30 percent drop in its endowment, Stanford introduced the largest increase in its history for undergraduate financial aid.

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Supporting our Stanford workforce April 14, In a message to the campus community, Provost Persis Drell and Elizabeth Zacharias, vice president for human resources, address steps the university is taking to help campus workers facing financial challenges due to COVID New information on spring quarter March 19, Spring quarter classes will be taught online for the entire duration of the quarter, and commencement will not be held in its traditional form.

New information for graduate and professional school students March 16, Provost Drell addresses academic, financial and housing issues for graduate and professional school students in response to COVID Shelter in place order: the impact on the campus community March 16, A message from Provost Drell on the impact of the "shelter in place" order on students, employees, research activities, and events. The in-person Admit Weekend has been cancelled; an alternative virtual experience is being planned.

As the chief academic and chief budgetary officer of the university, the provost is responsible for administering the academic program, including both instruction and research, and for the alignment of the administrative and support functions of the university with its academic purposes.

More about Provost Drell Long Range Vision Stanford leadership has developed a vision to guide our shared journey over the next decade and beyond. You can learn more and follow our progress at ourvision.

Office Hours Currently registered Stanford students are invited to attend office hours with Provost Drell. More info Other Important Topics.


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John Etchemendy John W. He earned his doctorate in Philosophy at Stanford University in He was on the faculty at Princeton University for two years before returning to the Department of Philosophy at Stanford in He has been a faculty member at Stanford since that time. Professor Etchemendy is also a founding faculty member of the Symbolic Systems Program and a senior researcher at the Center for the Study of Language and Information CSLI , a research center devoted to research at the intersection of logic, linguistics, cognitive science, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. Professor Etchemendy is the author or co-author of seven books and numerous articles in logic. He has been co-editor of the Journal of Symbolic Logic and on the editorial board of several other journals.


John Etchemendy

Email By John Etchemendy Universities are a fundamental force of good in the world. At their best, they mine knowledge and understanding, wisdom and insight, and then freely distribute these treasures to society at large. Theirs is not a monopoly on this undertaking, but in the concentration of effort and single-mindedness of purpose, they are truly unique institutions. If Aristotle is right that what defines a human is rationality, then they are the most distinctive, perhaps the pinnacle, of human endeavors. John Etchemendy Image credit: L.

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