Additionally, there are 53 secret trophies: Assignment 1 Bronze : Obtained after clearing the 1st assignment. Assignment 2 Bronze : Obtained after clearing the 2nd assignment. Assignment 3 Bronze : Obtained after clearing the 3rd assignment. Assignment 4 Bronze : Obtained after clearing the 4th assignment. Assignment 5 Bronze : Obtained after clearing the 5th assignment.

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Please enjoy the ————————————— Plus version instead. This guide is a public domain work. Do not contact the original author for any purpose. Sell it, rehost it, modify it, whatever, no attribution needed. Can I use this guide for the Plus version?

The Plus version is a harder game. It is not as easy to make high quality items, so you struggle with friendship more, and the assignments are handled somewhat differently as well, despite being the same on paper. The events are the same, with the addition of a handful of Esty events. This is basically the aspect of this guide that you can follow without issue. The ending system is different, and the character friendship requirements seem to cap at 60, outside of Tantris who requires This is just hearsay, however.

That obviously would not appear in this guide at all. Finally, there is little synthesis help in this guide to begin with, but the Plus version has a superior and complicated synthesis system and this guide will not even begin to help you with that. Nah, just kidding. This is a Gust game. Gust is easy.

But really, there are 14 endings that 30 number is total BS , and they have weird ass requirements. For instance, you have to fill the requirements for the "good" ending for certain characters, but the "normal" ending for others, and so on. My guide is going to suggest you do things. Remember Mana Khemia? You can do about nothing and get the game over screen, if you like. Of course, if you want all the endings, then you should probably refer to my guide at some points.

The main walkthrough is divided by the kingdom quests. These are given every 90 days, and you have 3 years in total for this game. I have many dates down that mark events. So, time to save the workshop! Later on you can get items. I beat the hardest bosses with the "weakest" party. This is more significant early in the game.

If you keep using, say, earth elemental attacks from Tantris, the level will increase. Your weapons "expand" your skills through Hidden Secret traits. You will get these regardless of the elemental values. But they also give you new, unrelated skills, depending on the materials used when creating the weapon.

Look at the Effects for these. Most battles end too quickly. Using Fire attacks and items will decrease the Water element level, and vice versa. Bombs bombs bombs! Even the worst attacking item, the Uni, is a godsend early in the game. You can access those tutorials again through the encyclopedia. But I want to elaborate on a couple things. Your Alchemy level should be equal to or higher than the level of the item.

Otherwise, your chances of success go down, similar to having low HP. The game tells you to choose the item with a higher category number when in doubt. That has nothing to do with quality.

Instead, I believe it has more to do with Effects which include healing strength and more. But Effects are more complicated than just that. While synthing, check the top left box. If you see???

Effects depend on materials used. If the item demands a Dead Beast, then a higher quality Dead Beast will likely give you a different effect. If the item demands [Threads], or any category, really, then Category Number comes into play. You really just need to explore through all your items to find out what changes your effect. When you synth, you can have up to five traits equipment will not carry some of these traits, such as Giga Stink. You can combine traits to make new ones. Traits will also cancel each other out.

Narrow Range and Wider Range, for instance, amount to nothing. Even if they do nothing else, they influence price somewhat. In general, better quality items means a better quality result. You seriously need to know this early so that you can determine what you want to do. A lot of this reading is for tons of situations. So it has damn near everything there is to know about the end.

You can lower this by failing to do a request, not by giving up. It does go down by giving up, but very slowly. The ones you see with Sterk and in your Status, not the big ones. And make a save at the beginning of Year 3 for good measure! The following tables describe the ending system further.

Does not include Shopkeeps, aside from Iksy. Recommended only for the rich end. You need to do all events for all characters, regardless of friendship. Astrid has a higher priority than all other ends.

You should have them all even if you want more ends. Completionists -- Even for shopkeeps. No other monsters required, but you might as well go kill them. FYI, you have to have high friendship with Cory. You cannot trigger an end before that day. This complements the Rich end well, oddly. There are benefits to raising their friendship, but that has nothing nothing nothing to do with the end. She will ONLY interfere if you did her final event.

Friendship is, again, otherwise ignored. Create backup saves. And many of them. Figure it out yourself. Also, switching your party around and going out of town will lead to some events between party members. Those events are entirely optional.

The following, mostly, are not. Two days later, another event will follow. Make it and fetch Lionela. The medicine is a! Meredith is pathetic.

Then talk to Esty. The battle starts automatically. Where is the dragon? The area that has dragon in the name, of course. However, you do not have to win. If you lose, you can put off killing the dragon for a long while. There is a reason to delay the killing. You get the Honorable Injury trophy. The event in which he returns is required as well.


Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

Accordingly, our company will also be ending support for Windows 7 on Tuesday, January 14th, For customers who will be affected, please note the date in which support ends, and kindly consider transitioning to another OS in advance. If any other guidance becomes necessary, we will provide such guidance as it becomes available. About This Game First release in the Arland series. The main character Rorona must save her Atelier from being closed by the Kingdom. Using Synthesis, Exploration, and Battle, gain recognition for the Atelier and save it from being closed.


Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland – Guides and FAQs

The game opens with a brief introduction to the city of Arland , a city that is slowly being industrialized, but also a city that uses technology possessed by an ancient civilization. We are then introduced to the main character, Rorolina Frixell Rorona, for short , who is forced to work for a master alchemist Astrid Zexis to pay off a debt her parents owe. Over the next three years, she must pass 12 examinations to assess the ability of the workshop to do this. Gameplay Edit Gameplay in Atelier Rorona consists of three parts: working in the alchemy workshop, running errands in Arland, and adventuring outside of town.


Buy Atelier Rorona ~The Alchemist of Arland~ DX

Version: 1. It would be a good idea to read through any character requirements ahead of time or you will find yourself playing through the game multiple times. I will explain this more in the ending section of this guide. I will try and guide you through this overwhelming information in the least amount of playthroughs possible, but mistakes are possible and you do not have to follow my advice. If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me at the above address with the correct information. I think the most annoying part is that inverse selection when in battle you will understand this later.


Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland – FAQ/Walkthrough

Version: 1. PM me if you found any mistakes or if you want to suggest something I can use to improve this guide. Or PM me if you have any questions about any aspect of this game or other Atelier game. Thanks in advance! So, the question a lot of people might ask - is this guide for a specific version of the game or can you use it for multiple titles?

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