Tolar Information on the Institution. The complex exponential function, logarithms of complexfunction of the complex power function 6. Work effectively as an individual and as a team member to solve problems in the areas of mathematics and computer science. Complex Variables and Appliations, author: Theory of Complex Functions Course Code: Cauchy-Integral theorem and its consequencesreviews, be analytical functions andseries expansions around some points Possess the knowledge of kmopleks research methods in mathematics-computer field.

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Akinosar Possess the knowledge of advanced research methods in mathematics-computer field. Demonstrate skills in solving problems which require methods of a variety of branches of mathematics to solve them independently or to collaborate with people, and judge kkmpleks results. Turkish Course materials in English can be provided to students on demand.

Possess theoretical and practical knowledge in mathematics, computation and computer science. Perform all phases of life cycle in computer based systems. Description of Individual Course Units. Series of complex numbers, complex valuedfunctions 3.

Have the consciousness of the necessity of lifelong learning and continuously develop professional knowledge and skills. Week hyperbolic function, inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic functions Expresses clearly the relationship between objects while constructing a model.

Display the development of a realization of how mathematics is related to physical and social sciences and how it is significant in these areas. Recognizes the importance of basic notions in Algebra, Analysis and Topology. Recognizes the relationship between different areas of Mathematics and ties between Mathematics and other disciplines.

Classifies singular points of complex functions. Week Theoretical Practice Laboratory 1. Gain an in-depth knowledge on Computer Science including computer programming, word processing, fonksiyonlarr functions, accessing the internet and softwares. Evaluates complex integrals using the residue theorem.

Limits and continuity, differentiation 4. Face-to-Face Prerequisites and Co-Prerequisites: Week the exponential function, the logarithmic function, complex exponents, trigonometric function Classrooms of Arts and Sciences Faculty.

Have the ability to act independently, use initiative and creativity. Having the discipline of mathematics, understand the operating logic of the computer and gain the ability to think based on account.

Work effectively either individually or in multidisciplinary teams. Cauchy-Riemann equations and analyticity 5. Determines whether complex functions are analytic. Information on fonksioynlar Institution. Is able to prove Mathematical facts encountered in secondary school. Identify, define and model mathematics, computation and computer science problems; select and apply appropriate analysis and modeling methods for teoriisi purpose. Follow current developments about the awareness of the necessity of continuous professional development and information and communication technologies.

GA-6VXE7 MANUAL PDF This course aims to investigate complex numbers, their notations and properties and introduction of the complex functions theory and give the complex sequences and series ,the conceptions of limit,continuity,complex differentation and entire functions and theorems related with these and applications.

Week Final Exam 1st. Week Final Exam 2nd. Have advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in mathematics and computer science. Has sufficient knowledge of foreign language to be able to understand Mathematical concepts and communicate with other mathematicians. Is able to mathematically reorganize, analyze and model problems encountered.

Define computer programming, word processing, data functions, internete access and software programs. Communicate, mathematical fonksigonlar both verbally and in written, making use of numerical, graphical, and symbolic viewpoints. Contribution of the Course to Key Learning Outcomes. Tonksiyonlar Taylor and Laurent series of complex functions. Week stereografic mapping, komplek in the complex plane 5. Cauchy-Integral theorem and its consequencesreviews, be analytical functions andseries expansions around some points.

Design and apply interactive experimental environments to get the definitions and first solutions of the problems of computer science and computer science and evaluate these environments. Limits, continuity and differentiability of complex functions. Establishes one-to-one correspondence between real plane and complex numbers.

Week polar representation, exponential forms, products and powers in exponential form,arguments of products and quotients 3. Week analytic functions, harmonic functions, reflection principle TOP 10 Related.


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