Right channel Expander gray caps have been replaced Photo 4. Unit is Tested and Functions Well For the physical condition of the item please take a look at all 12 photos, and what is included in the sale. The background material is not included. Most of the items we sell are used and have signs of cosmetic wear, including scratches and other wear. All items were cleaned but may need further cleaning.

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Instant recall of fader positions is made possible by the use of thirty one console-quality mm long travel high resolution motorised faders. A generously specified power supply ensures high speed of response, and can supply the peak currents required by simultaneous multiple fader movements, without the lag effects experienced with lower-grade remote fader units.

This offers the monitor engineer unparalleled speed of access in situations demanding an immediate response. A flexible user interface allows custom remote channel assignments across four banks of 32 channel selection buttons. DNE The digital system controller has been one of the fastest developing areas of signal processing in recent years.

This is principally because it allows designers to combine a number of key control functions within a single device, thereby lowering overall costs and adding convenience. The Helix DNE brings a new level of flexibility to system control whether for live production or installation use. Since there is no preset routing within the device, it can be easily preprogrammed to perform almost any system-control task.

Limiters and compressors on all outputs plus compressors on all inputs provide ultimate speaker control and protection, whilst no less than ninety-six bands of fully parametric EQ allow for both room and system equalisation.

Whilst the internal sample rate of the DNE unit remains at 48kHz, these digital connections are all 96 kHz compatible allowing easy interface with any other digital device featuring the higher sample rate. The unit now features a dual port Ethernet communications interface. This is to facilitate much faster communication, response and metering when controlling multiple units, than was previously possible with serial comms.

The DNE incorporates some customer-requested operational additions. The user-configurability of the unit includes full matrix mixing capability between inputs and outputs, providing an unequalled level of flexibility. Input and output parameters can also be copied from one to another.

The internal memory structure has also been revised such that it is now possible to back up the RAM-based system memories into non-volatile flash memory. Should for example you need a new system configuration to be loaded into a unit on the other side of the world? No problem, simply email the ELGAR file to wherever it needs to go, it can then be uploaded into the unit in seconds.

One such application is providing multiple feeds from a single source, hence the introduction of the DN Plus Active Signal Splitter. Housed in a roadworthy 3RU chassis with internal power supply, a single DN Plus provides twelve input channels, each feeding four outputs, two of which are electronically balanced and two which are transformer isolated.

On the rear of the unit can be found output 4, plus duplicates of all the inputs and output 1, so the patching options are extremely flexible. The system is designed to work with all PCs including the latest hand-held PC tablets for ease of wireless connection and portability. This is a control panel that is always active, and shows every function of every channel. Thus it is possible to move between, for instance, the graphic EQ for channel 10 and the T-DEQ controls for channel 37 with a single click.

The remote control software allows intuitive control of every function of an individual unit or units, it also and uniquely allows inputs and outputs to be assigned to control groups. These groups can then be made to control any parameter of the unit or the system — muting, delay, EQ, dynamics, speaker or room zones, whatever you need.

Simple screens with easy-access controls make for quick adjustments and entire system set-ups can then be stored as an ELGAR computer file.


Klark Teknik DN100 Active Direct Box


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Second-hand Klark Teknik for sale on UK's largest auction and classifieds sites



Second-hand Klark Teknik for sale on UK's largest auction and classifieds sites


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