Eksperimenti 1. Djegia e parafins Pajisjet laboratorike dhe kimikatet: got qelqi, kapse druri pr provza, qelq ore, qiri parafine. Ecuria: Ndizeni nj qiri dhe mbi flakn e tij ve ndoseni nj qelq ore ose nj got porcelani. Prfundimet dhe rezultatet e vshtrimit shnojini n fletore! Gjat djegies s qiririt krijohet bloza, lirohet oksidi i karbonit IV dhe avull uji Prfunduat se bloza e formuar sht dshmi se parafin a e qiri MesueseAurela Kimia Organike dhe Perberjet Organike MesueseAurela Eksperimenti i njjt dshmon se alkooli prmban edhe oksiogjen sepse me hidrogjenin ai e krijon ujin.

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Organike is a company working in the sourcing of raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, mainly focused on the sale of chemical intermediates for the production of APIs — Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Organike was born with the spirit of serving its customers with efficiency, honesty and transparency. These are the pillars, common to all those people who collaborate with Organike, starting from the precious sourcing partners, through the suppliers of raw materials and services, to our valuable customers.

Get to know us. The history of Organike starts in January but its roots go back deep in the past, in the important collaboration between Alessandro Ranzani and Ami Organics Pvt. Ltd, leading Indian manufacturer of chemical intermediates for the manufacturing of APIs. In his arrival in the pharmaceutical world, being appointed as export area manager for Antibioticos S. But it is in that his most important experience begins, with his entry into the sale of chemical intermediates on the Italian market, one of the most important in the world, having moved to Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe, a trading company belonging to the Japanese multinational Sumitomo.

It is at this stage that starts a deep and fruitful partnership with Ami Organics Pvt. Alessandro Ranzani Organike With over 15 years experience in selling activity of chemical products for the pharmaceutical industry, Alessandro Ranzani founded Organike to develop the sourcing activity into Italian market of intermediates, APIs and specialties chemical trough a solid and experienced network of partners both manufactures and selling agents.

Richard Lau Chinese Partner Key business partner of Organike in China, Richard Lau has over 15 years of experience in this filed primarily responsible for market investigation, sourcing material, initial evaluation of suppliers, and material exportation from China. Our expertise and strengthen. Organike has relation with the most part of APIs Italian manufacturers and can source chemical raw materials, mainly intermediates, from its exclusive partners.

Marketing Organike can offer its customers and sourcing partners market investigation, initial survey and evaluation of potential customers and suppliers, as well as sourcing and selling activity.

Logistics Organike s. Follow Us What people say. Alessandro is my close friend and business partner, he is hard working , focus and sporty person and live person , he has capacity to dream and achieve those dreams and he is fantastic human beings. Organiks is our Baby and it is grown up by Alessandro with dedicated effort and focus. Girish Chovatia - Chairman of Ami Group of Companies via Marketing Friendship Very glad to meet and cooperate with Organike, thanks for your effort and endeavor to help us develop the market in Italy, but also in Europe.

No matter any difficulty happen, you are always be our side and stand together to step out. My dear friend, looking forward to our further progress in the future. Alessandro Ranzani, founder of Organike s. Ale made quite an impression on us, he has been focusing on the product quality all along with very strict demanding and insight into how to become a reliable supplier, and how to become more effective being which we had not thought before, his charismatic pattern and experience do play an very important role in the course of cooperation, we shall like to cooperate with Mr.

Ale as well as Organike s.


Kimia Organike Dhe Përbërjet Organike



Kimia organike






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