Dr Khalid Y Blankinship responds to a inquiry about his article, The History of the Caliphate We recommend that you read this article to understand the full context of Dr. Has Dr. Blankenship considered the Aceh Sultanates documented allegiance and consideration of the Ottoman Khalifate as authoritative as of the mid 15th century? Blankenship learned Ottoman?

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Khalid Yahya Blankinship

One of the requirements of salat for both men and women is modest dress, which is also vitally important because how one dresses is immediately visible to the public and therefore reflects on the Muslim community, including how Muslims are viewed from the outside as well as how they view themselves from within. If a people are to respect themselves, they should wear respectable dress. His Ph. In , Blankinship moved to Philadelphia, where he was appointed in the Department of Religion at Temple University. Promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in , he has served as Chair of the Department of Religion , Departmental Graduate Director , and Chair again from


Hijab al-Mar’ah-Dr Khalid Yahya Blankinship


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