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Multi-page JPEG scans save as separate files. Select the Show Viewer After Scan check box. If your printer has both a document feeder and scanner glass, select Document Feeder if loaded under Source.

Step 4: Scan and edit Load your document, complete the scan, and then edit, if necessary. Load all pages into the document feeder. Look for a graphic with arrows on the document feeder to help you load your original pages correctly. You can add pages to your scan job later. In HP Scan, click Scan. The printer scans each page in the document feeder, and then HP Scan displays a preview.

Follow any prompts to flip and re-load the pages for duplex scanning. To add more pages to your scan, click the Add pages icon on the bottom bar, load more pages into the document feeder, and then click Scan. To remove pages from your scan, select a page, and then click the Delete page icon on the bottom bar. To change the order of your multi-page scan, click and drag pages into the order you want. Double-click individual pages to rotate, crop, or change brightness and contrast, or click More for advanced options.

When you finish editing your scan, click Save or Send. Frequently asked questions FAQs Review these frequently asked questions about scanning. How do I save a scan as an editable text file? OCR software is required to use this feature. If the shortcut displays, select it to scan the item as a document that you can edit.

Why is my scan cropped or blank? Settings from a previous scan job might cause unexpected results, such as cropping or blank pages. Before you begin any new scan, make sure you check the scan settings. Paper Size: Make sure this setting matches the size of your original scan. If a previous scan was a 4 x 6 in 10 x 15 cm photo, the scanner might only scan a small area. Source: If you previously scanned from the scanner glass and now want to scan from the document feeder, make sure you change the Source setting to Document feeder.

Page orientation: Load the original according to the guides on your scanner. How can I improve scan quality?

If the quality of your scan is unacceptable, clean the scanner glass or ADF rollers. If quality does not improve, reset your printer and check your scan settings. For more information, go to Improving Scan Quality. How do I scan legal-size documents or large photos? If your printer has a document feeder, you can scan legal-size or A4 documents by changing the Page Size setting in HP Scan. If your printer does not have a document feeder and the scanner glass does not support the size of your original, use the HP Smart app to scan with your mobile device camera or computer webcam.

What if I am unable to scan after updating Windows? If you are unable to scan after updating Windows or upgrading to Windows 10, remove the printer software, and then reinstall the latest driver. Disconnect the USB cable from the printer, if it is connected.

In Windows, search for and open Control Panel. Under Programs or Programs and Features, click Uninstall a program to open the list of installed programs. Click the name of your HP printer to open the uninstall confirmation window, and then click Yes to remove the software.

Make sure the printer is turned on, cartridges are installed, and plain paper is loaded in the main input tray. Follow the instructions to download and install the driver or app. During installation, make sure you select the Full Feature software option, and then follow the steps to set up the printer connection. Where are my scans saved? Use the Destination section in HP Scan to find or change where your scan files are saved.

Click the Destination tab. The folder your scans save to displays under Save To Folder. To change the default folder, click Browse. Navigate to the folder you want to save your scans to, and then click OK. To save the new folder as the default location for the shortcut, click the Save icon next to the shortcut. Repeat these steps for any other Save as shortcuts.

What if I cannot scan from the printer or a connection error displays? If an error displays when you scan, there might be an issue with the network or USB connection. Go to one of the following documents to troubleshoot the issue. HP and Microsoft have developed tools and apps to scan from a Windows computer. Printer control panel: If your printer has a touchscreen control panel with a Scan option, you can use it to scan to your computer or email.

A full feature print driver must be installed on the computer. Windows Scan app Windows 10, 8 : Search the Microsoft Store for windows scan to find and install this app. Click File or the menu icon , and then click From scanner or camera.

Load the document or photo you want to scan. Choose a scanning option. Quick Scan quickly scan a document or photo without changing any scan settings. Advanced Scan allows you to select the type of scan job, such as scanning an image, document, or book, and then adjust any desired scan settings.

After scanning the document or photo, type a file name under Name. Under Save to Location, select a location on your computer to save the file. If you want to save the current scan settings for future use, click Save as Favorite, type a name, and then click Save. The name of the scan settings displays as an option in the Advanced Scan menu. Click Save to save the file and return to the home screen. To view your scan, open the folder you saved the scan to, and then double-click the file.

Click Advanced Scan, and then click Document Scanning. Adjust any scan settings, and then click Scan. Under Save to Location, select a location on your computer to save the file, and then click Save. To view your scan, open the folder in which you saved the scan, and then double-click the file.

Click Scan More, and then click Scan. Repeat this step for all additional pages or photos. Change the default scan folder Change the folder that scans are saved to. After scanning a document or photo, click the search icon underneath Save to Location, select a location on your computer to save the file, and then click Save.

Why is the file size of my scans so large? Your default scan settings might be set to a higher resolution. Use the resolution and quality settings in the HP Scan software to change the resolution and quality of your scan. In HP Scan, select a shortcut, and then click More. Click the Image tab. Change the Resolution setting, if necessary, and then click Scan. Higher resolution results in more detailed scans and larger file sizes. The scan might take longer to complete.

Lower resolution results in faster scans with smaller file sizes. The quality of the scan might be less than expected. If you want to set a lower resolution as default for that shortcut, click the Save icon. After the scan completes, click More. Click the Destination tab, and then click the Plus sign under File Type.

Save or email your scan. HP Solution Center is software for printers made in the year or earlier. Use HP Solution Center to scan from supported printers. Search Windows for solution center. If HP Solution Center displays, click it to open the software, and then continue to the next step. Under the Driver-Product Installation Software heading, click Download next to the full feature driver. If a full feature driver does not display, the printer does not support HP Solution Center software.

Install a different scanning software title. Click Scan Document or Scan Picture to view available scan shortcuts and settings. Click the shortcut that matches the file type and resulting action you want.


HP Customer Support - Software and Driver Downloads



HP Printers - How to Scan (Windows)


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