Tuesday, 18 March, Supplied by: Honeywell Process Solutions Click2Contact Honeywell has updated its building management system Enterprise Buildings Integrator EBI , enabling facility personnel to view and enhance core building technology with ease and precision. The software now incorporates features common to consumer applications, such as drag-and-drop interaction, that make day-to-day tasks and training easier. EBI R helps improve efficiency and reduce energy and operational costs by simplifying set-up, scheduling and control. The product includes a simplified approach to facility-wide integration, comprehensive mobile access and a redesigned user interface designed to accelerate both routine and advanced tasks. This provides a more comprehensive view of equipment and activity, helping boost productivity every day and deliver savings over the life of a building.

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Zones 1. Purpose This document is intended to instruct the user on how to synchronize an XPressEntry mobile access control system with a Honeywell EBI access control system. Activity records cannot be pushed back into EBI at this time. Assumptions This document makes a few assumptions: The reader is familiar with XPressEntry systems and terminology. Refer to the appropriate manual to get that set up. It should look something like this: 2. These files are named and should have been made available with the updated patch from Honeywell.

Update Frequency Set the Update Frequency to as often as you want the system to update. Note that only one update can run at a time and if this value is very low the system will constantly try to update this is not always a problem. Activity Update will fill the locations of the users in EBI at the given frequency. Full Sync will do the rest of the updates. Partial Synchronization is not used with EBI.

Log Level Select the Log Level desired. The first thing to do from this page is fill in the primary EBI server which has Cardholder Services running. These credentials should be supplied by your EBI administrator. If your connection fails, check the text box at the bottom of the screen for information on the failure.

Other Fields Compare Transit Date — should be checked. The later date will be applied as the user current location. You can set up your readers to have one or many different configurations at a given time. This is done by selecting a Reader Profile for the reader. There are two types of readers in XPressEntry, physical and logical readers. Physical Readers A physical reader in the XPressEntry system is a handheld or other device set up to communicate with the server.

It is uniquely identified by the GUID field for the device. Logical Readers Logical readers are readers in the system which are usually placeholders for physical readers. Note: This process is irreversible! These can be shared across readers with identical responsibilities. See the main XPressEntry manual for more information. Doors Doors are portals from one zone to a different zone.

They are a logical way to move from one zone to another. Zones XPressEntry has two types of zones. All other zones are considered part of the system.

Occupancies are only tracked for users who are in non-outside zones. As explained below, all zones are coming directly from EBI.


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