The first book follows the adventures of Martin, a smart-aleck sent to Edgeville Alternative School, a correctional facility. Here he meets the aptly nicknamed Torchie, a supposed pyromaniac; Cheater, an Asian and Nerdy boy sent to the school on accounts of cheating on tests; Flinch, a future comedian with hair-trigger reflexes that make him a disruptive influence in school; the introverted Lucky who was sent to Edgeview for kleptomania; and Trash, a loner artist and past vandal. They become close friends as they evade ruthless bully Bloodbath and attempt to stay out of trouble, with varying results on both fronts. Although they initially disbelieve him, even to the point of ostracizing him when he persists in his theory that they are not delinquents as the rest of the world presumes, Martin manages to make them accept their gifts.

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Shelves: finished-irp-books The book I read was True Talents. The sequel continues from the first book Hidden Talents, the story of the six psychic teens who became friends at Edgeview. A year has passed since "Trash" learned he has telekinetic powers and his friends found their skills too. Cheater reads minds he hates it because he was always getting accused of cheating , Torchie lights fires he always catches objects on fire and causes problems , Flinch forecasts the future he can see whats coming so he flinches , The book I read was True Talents.

In the book Trash decides to see what he could do at the nearby bank. He steals the cash from the open vault, but is caught when he makes the telekinetic withdrawal. He is kidnapped by the leader of a evil company. The company is a squad that studies psychic phenomena. This book was a decent read. The author did a good job of carrying on from the first book. The first book, Hidden Talents was really interesting to me, it was a page turner, the book made me keep reading where this was more of a book that I rather just read.

The style of the book was a little confusing. My advice to the audience is that you should read this book, you will take pleasure in it. I give this book a 3 out of 5. This book seemed so real, I felt like I was there experiencing it. It was also so serious, so serious that it involves death. But I really think that added to the whole drama aspect of the book.


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Start your review of Hidden Talents Talents, 1 Write a review Jan 17, Adam Hahn rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: anyone that likes ironic books that keep you going till the end, and have surprise endings. The book Hidden Talents, by David Lubar was a very, very good book. It is about a young boy, about our age, who has gotten kicked out of all of the schools back in his hometown for lipping off to the teachers and somehow always knowing just the right thing to make them feel bad. Now Martin is onto his last resort, Edgeview Alternative School. At this school he pretty much starts to do the same thing. He begins meeting a lot of new friends in the process and eventually finds out that they all The book Hidden Talents, by David Lubar was a very, very good book. He begins meeting a lot of new friends in the process and eventually finds out that they all have special psychic powers.


Hidden Talents

If my wrists had been chained to the seat, the scene could have been taken straight from one of those movies where they show the bus bringing the new guy to the prison. Fill my pockets with rocks, add a couple more layers of winter clothes — wet winter clothes — and I might push the scale up toward ninety pounds. The bus driver looked like he weighed three times that much. His wrists were thicker than my neck. He could probably crumple me up like a used tissue and still keep one hand on the steering wheel. No way I was going to cause him any trouble.

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