Those who are most familiar with the Bible, and who have already given most time to its study, have largest desire and largest expectation of more knowledge through its farther study. And, more and more, Bible study has come to include very much that is outside of the Bible. Nor are these well-worked fields, by any means, yet exhausted. More still remains to be gleaned from them, each and all, than has been gathered thence by all searchers in their varied lore.

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Shelves: covenant If ever you want to know the history of Covenant, this is you book. It a century old but covers the whole world it seems. Jun 20, Scott Hayden rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Christians Shelves: spiritual One of a small handful of books that significantly shaped how I think about God, or rather, how I think God thinks about me.

Trumbull brings to light the ideas and practices understood by cultures all over the world, even into our times, regarding blood sacrifice and, specifically, covenant. It made me think that the typical theological definition given for covenant is misleadingly superficial, reduced to a type of business transaction; you-do-this-for-me-I-do-that-for-you.

One of a small handful of books that significantly shaped how I think about God, or rather, how I think God thinks about me. Blood covenant signifies the inseparable intermingling of identities. Forever after, He is known as, and seems to prefer to be known as, "the God of Abraham. I have carefully read this book once and skimmed through it a second time.

On each occasion I felt as though the writer was letting me in on secret information that has been largely lost to the Body of Christ. The Bible, as a book highlighting the covenants between God and humanity, does not make an effort to explain the concept of covenant because practically all ancient cultures had what could be called a covenant worldview.

How the Western Church needs to rediscover this mentality! Any reader who can get through the user unfriendliness of this book will discover a treasure that will help to illuminate the nature of our relationships with God--and with one another.


The Blood Covenant

The Inveigler is a lucid poetic depiction of seduction. With a stepwise narrative approach, the battle for the human soul the house is captured. Chapter 1 commences with the event at Eden, how a covenant was written in the blood of Abel enacted between the woman and her seed and the ancient Serpent Sin. The consequence of this covenant was to play out in both the immediate and subsequent generations.


The Blood Covenant – Henry Clay Trumbull

Early career[ edit ] In , at the age of 21, Trumbull had a religious conversion experience and found employment as a clerk in Hartford, Connecticut with the Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad. In , Trumbull joined the Congregationalist church and, while continuing to work for the railroad, became the superintendent of a mission Sunday-school under the Connecticut State Sunday School Association. Alice was named in honor of Alice Cogswell , the daughter of Dr. Mason Cogswell and first deaf pupil of the American School for the Deaf. After trying a few different jobs, in Trumbull became the state Sunday-school missionary for Connecticut.

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