Zulkijora Mercenaries A band of mercenaries for hire, or members of any of the standing armed forces of a House Major or Minor. At the end of each month that a character has used Duns more than once per week, he must make a Will roll to avoid Addiction. Nerve poison is Legality Class 0. In fact, in the white sun light of Arrakis, the pigment acts as a blue filter, increasing contrast and enhancing vision. If any people should have been purged by the Jihad, it was the Bene Tleilax, whose technology recognizes no restraints in pursuit of their scientific interests. The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood and the Spacing Guild are both very active in politics, although not usually in an overt manner.

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Bless the coming and going of Him. May His passing cleanse the world. May He keep the world for His people. The players are Fremen, living in Sietch Bissal, a single thumper from Arrakeen. The game starts in standard year 10, Dune started in 10,, so about 17 years before the start of the first book.

Pardot Kynes is alive and well, and has a son, Liet Kynes. The game is run over IRC every Wednesday evening. For now, there is a web site at www. It has IRC logs of the game sessions, character sheets, background information, and rules information.

The Characters Character sheet Raghba is a twelve-year-old Fremen boy - now the adopted son of the Naib. His dark hair is still glossy with youth and curls around his face. His voice - if it were to stay in one octave for more than a sentence at a time - is developing a friendly but commanding tone, but he smiles less and less these days. He has studied hard, and learned a lot from his elders. He tires to be patient, clear-headed and a good Fremen; but he is, at the same time, only twelve.

There are a lot of lessons that life has yet to teach him. Zahra flower Character sheet Zahra is dark of skin and hair, with the piercing eyes of a Sayyadina. When she stands, she seems to be somewhat taller than her rather average height should allow, but now she sits with the grace and poise of one who is very aware of her own body, and her surroundings.

Aged 6, accepted as Sayyadina Aged 16, married Nudjum stars Aged 21, had first child - a son, Inad stubbornness Aged 28, had second child - a daughter, Aghani songs Aged 29, Nudjum died in a sandstorm Now 30 Sandstorm Zahra sat back to rest for a moment, and took a sip of the warm, odd-tasting water from the catchpockets of her stillsuit. She and the others had been in the desert for several hours now, salvaging what they could from a wrecked harvester.

The Harkkonen wretches that had manned it were long gone - lost to Shai-Hulud. There were a few trinkets that might fetch a few coins in the Arrakeen markets, and a couple of half-empty litrejohns, but the harvester itself and most of the equipment was beyond repair. She smiled to herself as she noticed a kangaroo mouse scampering up the dune.

As she watched, it stopped, turned, and darted directly toward the harvester, disappearing from sight into the sand beneath it. Instantly, she was on her feet, scanning the horizon. Although she could see no sign of the storm, she could feel it coming, she knew it was there. She called to the others, and began to run in her uneven, almost hap-hazzard gait toward the rocks just over the next dune. She did not look back to the others: the desert would not be forgiving if she dallied.

The warm wind was picking up, and the sand was starting to swirl. As she reached the edge of the rocks, the storm was beginning to bite. She paused, and counted her companions into the safety of a cave. There was one missing: Nudjum. It was too late to go back out to look for him, and Zahra knew his water was lost to the desert. Matthis Character sheet Matthis is shorter than most. His thinness is more due to poor diet than constant exercise. His eyes are to you ridiculously pale. Matthis is a village fremen, who wishes to go back to the old ways.

Age - Character gen rules say that my expenditure on skills cannot be more than twice my age. Code of Honour - I will not accept any suggestion of cowardice, nor allow an insult to go unchallenged. His hair and beard have a reddish tinge and his face is often set in a frown. Background - My father, Salman, was exceptionally cautious; cautious enough, in fact, that he gained a reputation for cowardice. More than once he was named as such, but ignored the insult rather than duelling his accusers.

More than one wanted his blood but it was only when Hamzah a proud and noted warrior of the sietch made an accusation that my father demanded a duel - a duel that he lost, thereby proving his cowardice. Hamzah became responsible for my mother and I for the space of a year. He honoured Halimah in that time and, at the end of that year, he gifted Halimah the water rings he had for killing Salman and she became his second wife.

His first wife having proved barren, my half-sister Johara remains the only child of his body, but he has always treated me as his own son and has taught me what my true father did not - pride, self-respect and how an insult should properly be answered.

I will not accept an accusation of cowardice and, I must challenge any man who insults me. Whatever I may suspect, I cannot find it within me to forgive or emulate him.

I must prove myself. Better my daughter should inherit a legacy of honour than one of cowardice.


[GURPS Dune] - May Your Knife Chip and Shatter

Bless the coming and going of Him. May His passing cleanse the world. May He keep the world for His people. The players are Fremen, living in Sietch Bissal, a single thumper from Arrakeen.



Kigagar Below are suggestions for a campaign spanning roughly half of the Milky Way. Paracompass A navigational aid of Fremen design and manufacture used on planets with weak or chaotic magnetic systems. Addiction to Sapho, an energizing liquid extracted from Ecaz plants, is a trap to which Simulationists both in training and in the field are most susceptible. Various terraforming schemes started by the Imperial Planetary Ecologist Pardot Kynes eventually succeeded in transforming Arrakis to a green, lush planet under the rule of Leto II.

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