At BAU to be held from 14 - 19 Jan at Munich Exhibition Centre , GEZE will display systems and solutions that support customers and partners in all stages of the building lifecycle from building planning and professional solutions to services. The GEZE Cockpit building automation system, in combination with interface modules and automatic products, will be one of the highlights. The system is constantly being developed, and the latest software version has a new, more intuitive user interface and additional features such as alarm settings. Another highlight is a new development for the reliable ECdrive sliding door solution. The combination of a drive and a newly developed, thermally separated profile, offers improved running character and easier installation. Moreover, a reduced height for the drive cover and the fine-framed profile ensure that the design is discreet and attractive.

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Geze Fire Door Closers are designed to close the fire doors within a building once they have been opened. The closing of fire doors will help control the spread of a fire within a building. At The Safety Centre, we have an exceptional range of the best systems and equipment for a variety of different requirements. Whether you are looking for wireless alarm systems, call systems, a sealed lead acid battery, fire extinguishers or domestic fire detectors, you will find what you are looking for when you browse through our collection.

It is this commitment to first class equipment that has made us one of the leading providers of fire alarms and other safety equipment. FIRE ALARMS As we are passionate about only providing our customers with the finest fiew alarms on the market, you can trust that you will be purchasing the best and most reliable systems.

WIRELESS ALARMS We offer a broad range of wireless alarms which are becoming increasingly sought-after across the world, and these innovative fire alarm systems are now as effective as wired alarms due to the improvements in radio technology over the past 20 years. Wireless fire alarm systems can be incorporated into both commercial and industrial settings and are extremely easy to install. Our wireless systems are extremely affordable and competitively-priced, and they also incorporate a range of features, such as sounders, call points, beacons, control panels and repeater panels.

You should be sure to come to us for the best wireless fire alarms in the industry. We offer a sealed lead acid battery from some of the most popular and respected providers in the fire alarm industry, including Yuasa, Powersonic and Enersys.

We ensure that all the sealed lead acid battery products we provide have been manufactured to the highest standard using some of the most state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Also, if we do not stock the sealed battery that you are looking for, then you should contact us today to see if we can find it for you.

At The Safety Centre, we only stock fire extinguishers which have been manufactured to the highest standard, so you can choose from our ranges of Thomas Glover Chubb Fire extinguishers. As well as commercial and industrial fire extinguishers, we can also supply you with extinguisher cabinets, fire blankets, home and car fire extinguishers and accessories. So whether you are looking for wireless fire alarm systems, wired fire alarms, a sealed lead acid battery or fire extinguishers, you are sure to find the perfect fire safety product for your needs with us here at The Safety Centre.

We found these products hard to source.


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VAT was introduced in Germany and people on board Apollo 8 circumvented the moon for the first time. GmbH during this year. Her father had died shortly before, when she was just 24 years old. Since then, she has headed up the business which later became GEZE GmbH, and has been the driving force behind many developments and changes during that time. At the end of every year, you think it was the most exciting yet — for whatever reason.


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