Some people find it forgsworld, but to everyone their own. This page was last updated: Heavy Support Teams are trash, so make sure you have other ways to deal with enemy vehicles built into your list. If you have the leftover points this is worth it for your elites. Chimera-based Elite melta squads with rogue psykers and Malefic Lords can quickly stack up wounds on vehicles, and only cost points to fill one vehicle 10 Marauders, 2 Malefic Lords, Chimera with Multilaser and Heavy Bolter. Generally the best option for the forgewprld, since you can get it to S6 AP -1 with covenant of Khorne.

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Making their instructions anywhere near understandable. Making uniform base sizes. Releasing anything they advertise until long after the initial hype has died down. This is a good thing because, well, everybody wants a Titan, but do you really want everybody to actually have one?

A case in point of what happens when that little status quo is disrupted, with the release of affordable plastic Contemptor dreadnoughts and Cataphractii terminators, and with Angels of Death giving us non-Forge World rules for them, you can bet that everyone and their squig is gonna have the damn things now, even with the rather dumbed-down rules compared to Imperial Armour. They share the same trading address and legal identity. It is not a subsidiary company which would be a separate legal entity, but owned by the parent nor is it a licensee which is a third party permitted to use the IP.

GW also acquired Sabertooth games, which operated as an independent subsidiary, but both were eventually absorbed back into Games Workshop.

So, back to the issue with Forge World. Update this has become pretty much irrelevant with the release of 8th edition where Forge World have released complete indexes for pretty much their entire line.

So next time you get to the table and your opponent starts whining about your Forge World models not being legal, just batter him over the head with your Imperial Armour book, which will be an order of magnitude heavier than his little codex and claim your victory by default.

Though with the advent of 8th edition, and all factions receiving simultaneous rule updates via indexes Imperial, Xenos and Chaos Imperial Armour indexes , these rules are much easier to keep track of than ever before. But these organisers if they are smart will also likely restrict "core" army selections too, so no Unbound lists or may exclude certain FOCs, because in the end which is more unbalanced and cheesy? The guy who takes a contemptor dreadnought in his Combined Arms detachment or the guy who take an unbound army of Heldrakes?

Ha Held Rakes sound scary. If the tournament organizer is using the ITC standard for 40k, Forge World units themselves are in fact quite legal. All that said however, there is a somewhat valid reason why someone may be a bit "model-shy" around Forge World rules; and that is information. There are 16 armies in 40k, and each dex tends to have more than one valid build; the Astra Militarum alone has six tank heavy, artillery heavy, balance, flying circus, infantry spam, veteran spam.

By counting Forge World, the number of army lists jumps to over 28 without considering supplements or mini-codices with only a handful of options, and again, each list can be played in more than one way, and then there are the admittedly handful of differences between Forge World and Games Workshop about the same model "is that the vanquisher with the coaxial?

While Forge World is legal from any logical standpoint, people are not logical, and may be daunted by just how much new information they have to learn in order to make proper gameplay choices and not lose, because they did not know that the Death Korp can give orders to artillery. Again, though Forge World is by any standard as legal as any codex, the other player may feel intimidated by your Space Marine siege army just because he does not know for sure what it can do and chose to walk way from it the same way he would if you brought an unbound army made of nothing but riptides.

Planet[ edit ] The second, fluffy, definition is a type of Imperial Worlds that refers to an entire world converted into a factory; one that runs at high capacity, even for its size. They produce everything from laspistols to Land Raiders to Titans , so they are needed to keep the Imperial war machine trundling forward. Because of their nature, the Adeptus Mechanicus highly regard these worlds as holy places, and the Mechanicus owns just about all of them, which is fine since there are only a few of them and the Mechanicus is best at maintaining that shit.

Turns out, many of them are actually Tomb Worlds. Has kept itself independent and Chaos-free since the fall of Cadia by "recruiting" refugees into its Skitarii legions, and occasionally making them into servitors.

Angstrom Situated near Badab. Described as the only serious rival to Mars for manufacturing output once Phaeton was bullied into splitting its assets. Arachnus A Forge World that seems to specialize quite heavily in big fucking lasers.

Atar Median Founded by exiles from Phaeton. Home to the Legio Atarus Firebrands. Chaeroneia A small Forge World, that turned traitor and became a "Cannibal world" incorporating extreme amounts of bio-mechanical tech.

Cyclothrathe Home to a particularly brutal sect in 30K, who followed Horus into rebellion. Used a House of enslaved and tortured Knights, and their warlord Draykavac became one of the most hated members of the nascent Dark Mechanicum. Deimos One of the moons of Mars, a micro Forge World. Deimos is pretty much the size of an asteroid and shaped like a potato, that made the old-school patterns of vehicles that we players refer to as "heresy era".

After the Horus Heresy it was displaced and put into orbit around Titan to provide all the goodies to the Grey Knights instead. The functionaries of Deimos are mind wiped at both ends to prevent them knowing about daemons, but the moon still maintains three knightly houses with complementary skitarii, ready to assist the Grey Knights should they need support.

In reality it is expected to slam into Mars at some point in the future. Interestingly: Phobos has a Monolith on it, no seriously. Eventually reclaimed by the Imperium. Firestorm Homeworld of the Aurora Chapter located in the Ultima Segmentum, its manufacturing capacity can top that of several noted Forge Worlds combined. Graia A Forge World made of space stations that orbit the planet Graia. Known for recently dealing with their frequent invasion problem by indulging in that most ancient of human tradition of taking ones ball and leaving, Graia no longer resides in its own home system.

Poetically, Forge World loves Rapiers. Jupiter I know right? It only makes ships. It is a hotly contested Imperial political debate as to whether Jupiter is soverign to the Mechanicum or the Imperium. They went totally green though, the hippies. Kai Once relatively close to Eye Of Terror. Due to an unfortunate flux , the Eye expanded and engulfed it. Eventually, they had to barter their services and guns to various daemons and Chaos Legions inside the Eye in return for protection.

Made the legendary Kai Guns during this time. Chaos being Chaos, the Machine Smiths of Kai got eradicated in the battle between daemons wanting their dakka fix. GW being GW, the hundreds of other strange and mystical weapons forged on Kai during its time in the Warp will never be elaborated upon. Kaurava I A Forge World continent-spanning Manufactorum, to be precise which is capable of producing over Baneblades at any given notice.

The status of this world is unclear, although it was likely abandoned or destroyed during the Kaurava conflict of Dawn of war: Soulstorm. These planets all have an extremely odd orbit around their parent star, which somehow results in their native ores having unusual properties because of "gravity fluctuations".

Besides being the center of production for the Calixis Sector, their most famous exports are Lathe-forged Blades, which use the aforementioned ore to basically be indestructible, able to stand up to even power blades.

Lliax 30K-era Forge World. Lucius First colonized by Battletech players from the late Eighties. They have exclusive patterns for some Titans which are cheaper to produce, but not as sweet looking as Mars patterns. So yeah, those unusually white-robed enginseers from the Ciaphas Cain novels are probably Lucians.

Mars The big boss of the other Forge Worlds and the go-to guy for stock patterns of weapons. Has a giant shipyard called the Ring of Iron in orbit, which claims to be one of the largest human-made objects in existence. Metalica Home to the Legio Metalica. Also known as Metalicus due to GW not wanting to get sued.

They maintain the only known Imperial Titans capable of out-rocking the Gargants made by the Goff Rokkas. They also provide most of the adeptus mechanicus forces fighting on Armageddon at any given time. Was besieged during the Horus Heresy and the Gothic War. Mordax The one that got taken over by the Orks. They named it Mordakka Yes really Morvane Mentioned in the Adeptus Custodes codex, Morvane is a "lost forge world" but also the only lead the Custodes have to a possible fix for the Golden Throne.

You may commence laughing. And won. Dan Abnett wrote a book about it. Presumably get overrun by Chaos with the rest of segmentum during the Night of Thousand Rebellions. GW what the hell? Home to the Legio Osedax Cockatrices. It probably still is where the STCs were discovered, and Mars just "lifted" them for safe keeping. Ryza Makes all the coolest plasma stuff because nobody else could keep their act together.

After fighting Orkz for so long their Skitarii have the most badass warcry among other Forgeworlds: " Red in Cog and Claw! Cannot keep their act together, losing two whole Titan Legions to Chaos and having to get another legion transplanted in. Also it is a moon. Their tech priests constantly get into fights with Deathwatch killteams due to their intense interest in xenos technology. Toil Got fucked over by Perturabo invoking Nurgle, causing the factories to become living Daemon Engines.

Either completely lifeless, or turned traitor depending on the source. Currently overrun by the Orks , specifically the Murda Meks of Tigris. Most players generally consider the Orkish takeover a good thing, seeing as this world now makes the Kill Tanks from IA8. Tigrus Sits on the "dark" edge of the galaxy-wide fuck-off warp rift known as the Cicatrix Maledictum.

Notably not overrun by Orks. Unlike the above world of Tigris, which is also conveniently in the Ultima Segmentum. Seriously guys, Tigrus just won a campaign against the Tau in M41! Why are you all looking at me like that? IA Vol. Oh Rogue Trader , how you haunt GW to this day.

We love you so. Constantly pisses of Mars by hoarding archeotech while refusing to hand them over. It was a more general-purpose Forge World, in that it produced all sorts of munitions, from Lascarbines to Autocannons to APCs and much, much more.



Garn Pretty good leadership on average, but there are always situations where your fanatic unit is LD 5 and your militia are LD 8. Even better since Chapter Approved gave them a discount. Instagram Frosty Fyreslayer tester for my new Age of Sigmar army next year! Good for dealing wounds on characters, and okay at wounding everything else. You are commenting using your Facebook account. They reenegades be making your plays while your troops soak up the hits. Still one of my favourite models from Forge World!


Forge World

Faugrel Keep deep striking units in mind, especially if you are taking a lot of heavy support vehicles like basilisks and Leman Russes. General Movement Psychic 7th Fortifications. If you run man blobs, command squads can increase your chances of having a reliable leadership, however they are only a buffer, while an Enforcer is a complete control over morale casualties. Forgeworld, Warhammer 40, Renegade and Heretics brass icon sheet. Brand new in unopened blister packaging.





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