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Information is scarce, but from what I can find, the B was among the first frequency counters made by John Fluke Mfg. Smaller and plastickier units followed, such as the A, A and so on, which are housed in similar plastic cases to the classic A digital multi-meter introduced in Of course, Fluke is now most famous for their DMMs, and no longer produces standalone counters. They are also no longer a standalone company, being bought by conglomerate Danaher in , which spun off Fluke and other subsidiaries in to create Fortive, another gigantic conglomerate, which also owns Tektronix.

The main purpose of this article is to show how simple and economical many test equipment repairs can be. Repairs This instrument was functionally dead upon arrival. Although it would illuminate the display and some LEDs, the display would always read zeros, no matter which mode was selected and no matter the input signal applied. The filter capacitors on these rails were thus prime suspects C3, C4, and C5 , and sure enough, all three tested unmeasurably high on the ESR meter, instead of the desired near-zero ohms.

Thus, they were left in. The replacements I chose are shown below, with their Digi-Key part numbers. Whenever possible, I like to replace axial-leaded capacitors with the same, so they are axial-leaded.

It seems that the plastic display filter was installed slightly low at the factory, thus all of the LEDs had to be bent lower in order to line up with their holes, given that they were difficult to see at first. Overall, a very quick and easy job, and well worth it given the quality and usefulness of this device — like a power supply or oscilloscope, a frequency counter will never become functionally obsolete.

As with nearly all test equipment manuals of the 70s and earlier, it is excellent. It is written in precise English, and with not a detail spared in explaining and presenting the circuits, thus providing the necessary information to keep the instrument functional indefinitely. Complete schematics on foldout pages and exploded views are included, as well as troubleshooting flowcharts. My point is: a great deal of pride and care went into this manual, so I encourage all engineers reading to take note.

Also, I noticed that this manual is not online, so if you are in need of it, please contact me , and I could scan it for a small fee. Hardware The B is a typical piece of lates test gear. The top and bottom covers come off with four screws each, making it very easily serviced.

The bright red silkscreen and lack of a solder mask make the PCB especially striking in its appearance. Note the hand-routed PCB layout, with curves and odd angles. Note that all ICs are simple and common types still easily found today: series TTL chips, voltage regulators the LMs , and so on.

Only the transformer, LED display modules, and some of the mechanical parts stand out to me as difficult to replace, but these are all unlikely to need replacement any time soon. Today, carbon-comp resistors see use only in special roles, such as where pulse-withstanding or non-inductive properties are important, in old-style amplifiers, and where high authenticity is desired in a restoration.

Anyway, back to the Fluke A minimal number of electrolytic capacitors are used, only where high capacities are required; 4 of 5 are used in the power supply, while one C37 is used in the external reset circuit. I always like to minimize the number of electrolytics in my designs, so this gets a thumbs-up from me. Every other capacitor is either ceramic or tantalum. Check out the hermetically-sealed axial tantalum C36; I have never seen one of these go bad, and I have never seen one of these in a modern device, despite that they are still made.

I know that some bad batches of radial tantalums especially from the 80s tend to short, but in general, I consider them better than electrolytics, and they still cost significantly more, so this was definitely a quality decision. While the front and back panels are still nice and thick, the covers are relatively thin and with a plastic coating, so you can almost smell the transition to cheap plastic housings about to occur in the next series A, A, etc.

If you notice any errors or have additional information that you would like to add, please contact me!



You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Multi Counter A Login to enter a peer comment or grade. English term or phrase: Both thermometers have memory vluke up to 25 readings with statistics. Fluke A Pdf User Manuals. Jul 28, This is a Fluke A.


Fluke 1952B






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