Kisar By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. The Spiritual Exercises of Lovef Ignatius. See if you have enough points for this item. Mysteries Of The Qabalah. Ordained tremenduos priest inhe began writing on spiritual topics, and in the s he published two books, This Tremendous Lover and Difficulties in Mental Prayer, which became international bestsellers and were translated into many languages.

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This hangs in my front window I will today be bringing in my lilac branch Scripture says that Jesus is "the light of the world. That is certainly the case when we bring the light of Christ to the sidewalk outside abortion facilities.

Our role in this historic 40 Days for Life campaign is to be the of light-bearer. We bring Jesus to a place He is desperately needed. This led to a discussion about our conversion story once again I think that Pat knowing through his sister, Marge about the conversion that my family went through, made him come to love me before we even met! Now that says a lot to me about the character of the man that I married!

He was going much deeper than the surface things like looks and possessions He wanted a strong Catholic wife - he certainly got that with me, along with my flaws and weaknesses, but never when it comes to my Catholic faith! Oliver nursing on his mother Using pictures from my early Catholic and dating Pat days God wants our love, He will be satisfied with nothing else. That is what He principally looks for in our works.

The things we do or achieve are not of primary value to God, for he can create them by a mere thought; or with just as much ease He can raise up other free agents to do what we do. But the love of our hearts is something unique, something no one else can give Him.

True, He could create other hearts to love Him, but once He has created us and given us free will, the love of our particular heart is something unique and in a way irreplaceable.

In any case, it is not for His own sake that He wants our love, but because He desires to make us happy with Him forever, and He can only do that if we are in love with Him ……" Fr Eugene Boylan So powerful to really get in touch with His LOVE for us, and to what lengths it goes. How can we doubt or falter in our lives with HIM there to love us onto the right path, and show us how to carry our crosses with grace and gratitude? Knowledge that does not lead to love is worse than vain and sterile.

It is of course quite true that love expresses itself in many ways, and it is true that its reality can be questioned if it does not seek expression in some way; but for all that, it is love, and love alone, that matters. Paul and all the saints knew that; our Lady knew that; our Lord knows that, and God Himself knows it and tells it to us in the Scripture.

I have loved thee with an everlasting love Jer xxxi, 3. My son, give me thy heart Prov xxiii, Love is the culmination of the law Rom xiii, I just talked to my mom to tell her that I was writing about This Tremendous Lover today. She filled me in on the details of her discovery of this book It was totally foreign to me, and I felt almost like you would going into an adult bookstore - guilty and uneasy.

It was like this book jumped into my hand and I bought it and left. I go back to it regularly to read this or that and the margins are filled with "groans. My mom was floored! And love is an act of the will wishing one well.

Further what passes for fraternal charity is often not really Christian. Modern civilization is full of a humanitarianism which is not Christian charity, for its motive is not the love of God. It may be a love of man, though it is more often a love of management. Whatever be its motive, unless it be derived from the love of God, it profiteth nothing. It is on this point that many Catholics — even many Catholic religious — make a fatal mistake that renders much of their works for their neighbor sterile and unprofitable; for their motives are human.

To them can be applied that threefold warning of our Lord: Amen, I say unto you, they have received their reward. Still we must not be too general in our condemnation, for when a man works according to what he believes to be his duty, God will not fail to have compassion on him, and will give him the grace to rectify his outlook.

Words cannot compare to his and how deeply he "knew" the LOVE that will set you free! You give that to me always and ask that I carry it forth - "Charity does not compell us to like people, but to love people. Those closest to us bring out the worst in us!

Jesus, Mary, all the angels and saints - help us on this monumental mission to make our families a small piece of heaven here on earth! Jesus, we trust in you! Truly to know and despise self is the best and most perfect counsel. To think of oneself as nothing, and always to think well and highly of others is the best and most perfect wisdom.

Wherefore, if you see another sin openly or commit a serious crime, do not consider yourself better, for you do not know how long you can remain in good estate. All men are frail, but you must admit that none is more frail than yourself.



Written by M. Eugene Boylan, a Trappist Monk, around , "This Tremendous Lover" is actually a more timeless book than one might think. Human nature does not change from age to age and is not actually that long ago. Boylan clearly had practical experience in helping people look past their hectic lives in a culture often at odds with God. His insightful, accessible book gives straight forward advice on how to proceed toward holiness.


This Tremendous Lover

About this title For nearly sixty years, Catholics have found in this remarkable spiritual classic a profound guide to living in Christ. Dom Mary Eugene Boylan, O. In This Tremendous Lover, first published in , he offers a compelling view of the spiritual life grounded in a vision of the Mystical Body of Christ. The author draws us into what he calls the love story of God and man. With rare clarity and consistency, he lays out a practical program of humility, charity, and abandonment to the will of God. Addressing a variety of spiritual topics— prayer, the Sacraments, spiritual reading, loving our neighbor, marriage, and much more— he shows how all these aspects of Christian life converge in God s great work of redemption. All the details of the spiritual life fall into their proper perspective, and the quest of perfection is seen to be both possible and reasonable for every Christian.


ISBN 13: 9780853421733


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