El trazado de los personajes es otro de los elementos clave de la novela. La protagonista de Irlanda, Natalia, tiene dos hermanas. Los padres de Natalia, viendo a su hija consumida por la tristeza, deciden enviarla a pasar una temporada a la casa de campo familiar con sus primos Irlanda y Roberto. Irlanda nos subyuga desde el principio.

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Start your review of Irlanda Write a review Shelves: scifi-n-fantasy , fabulist-fiction , translated Irlanda opens with the death of Natalies sister and her going to live with her cousin, Irlanda, for a little while. Natalie is a peculiar person in that she talks to dead turtles and sees the ghost of her dead sister, Sargario, wherever she goes. The writing or rather the translation is done quite well. It was a pleasure reading this book and some of the passages in the story are so dark that I was completely enthralled.

Una gran idea verdad? Una historia corta pero intensa, muy recomendable para Halloween, sin duda. Natalia acaba de perder a su hermana Sagrario y sus padres deciden que pase el verano en el pueblo con sus primos.

And that is all I will say about the plot This is a rather stranger and still stranger book that is told from the odd and socially ackward point of view of Natalia. We hear about her nightmares, her feelings about her family, and her strained relationship with her cousins. The language in the book is often filled with wonderful phrases that go beyond the young age of the narrator, which help create a physiological and atmospheric novel.

A strange and darker novel that I expected it to be, but at the same time, one that keep me engrossed and whose main character will reside in my imagination for some time.

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