The Elcan Specter DR comes packaged in a plain brown box, secured by some light internal cardboard, and comes with an instruction manual, and a battery. For a very, very, expensive optic, you expect it to be packaged a little better. The Elcan Specter DR is a heavy beast, at 1. The Specter DR is not a small optic by any means. The optic features a round profile, somewhat akin to an Aimpoint.

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I did a fair amount of research before purchasing this. Most of them do not have a true 1 — 4x throw lever. Most are also strictly straight 4x. Most of them also do not have elevation adjustments. Most have poor eye relief. Lets see how she performed… Lets start with the box. Who cares about the box? It goes into the trash with the rest of the boxes. So lets skip to the optic. First thing you will notice when picking this up is that this is a heavy unit. It actually might weigh a tiny bit more than the real Elcan, but without a scale I can only speculate.

Overall it feels well constructed and out together. The finish is a semi-gloss black paint that seems to be applied pretty evenly, whereas the real Elcan uses a hard coat gray anodizing. Time will tell how long the paint will hold up in the field. The optic ships with a spare set of backup iron sights these mount on top of the sight. Optics sight on top too. A pair of batteries and a nice full color instruction sheet is also included. There are some slight differences between this and the real mount.

The major ones being the lack of trades and a different cross bar on the underside. The easy fix is to simply apply a few layers of electrical tape to the underside of the mount to make it snap on snugly. Problem solved. The following pictures shows a few minor differences between the two units in the body construction. One thing to note is that the replica unit uses a very cheap string to lanyard the battery cap to the main body.

I broke this within seconds of fiddling with it. The replica Elcan does not have much in the way of markings, other than the battery cap and a few circles and symbols. Frontal view. One thing that is very, very apparent is that the replica does not pass through any light at all. It also has fantastic eye relief. There are some distinct differences in the reticules. Basic operation of the unit is simple: With the lever in the rearward position you are in 1x magnification.

With the lever in the forward position, you get 4x magnification. It should be especially noted that the 1x is not a true non-magnified view such as one finds with an Aimpoint or Eotech that use a flat glass panel. In this regard, an Aimpoint or Eotech will be somewhat faster to use in CQB due to their true non-magnified style.

It also takes up less rail space than a comparably set up red dot with a 3x or 4x magnifier. In 1x mode, this acts as a bit of a red dot again, not a true red dot. Conversely, the real Elcan offers just a red dot, but also the option of illuminating the entire cross-hairs too, which is a pretty nifty feature in the dark. I estimate it to be about a 1 or 1. The red dot is more visible during the daylight hours. I found the green dot to not be sufficiently bright enough to use during the day.

It uses the fairly common CR type batteries, which is different than the real deal. Sighting it in. I wound up noticing that there is a fair amount of wiggle in the optic that is independent of the base mount. I remedied this by wedging in a piece of rubber in the front area of the optic you can see this in the photo of the frontal views.

No more wiggle. Overall, sighting it in was a breeze. In summation, rating key areas on a scale of 1 — 10, 10 being the best: Construction, fit and finish — Score 8. Overall good, but there are some minor annoyances. Optical clarity — Score 5.

Optical field of view — Score 7. Better than a clone ACOG, but not half of what the real deal offers. Optical eye relief — Score 9. Reticule — Score 9. While not true to life, it is easy to see and use. Also not really important because you can still use the optic without the battery. Not that many brightness settings, and I found the green dot pretty much useless in broad daylight.

It should be used primarily as an aid in low light conditions. Additionally, there are very, very few US retailers that carry this, and not too many foreign retailers either. I purchased this from www. What it is: A great optic that fills the role of a general purpose sight well — capable of reaching out at 4x, but also doing some nice close in work too.

I also would not use this nor trust this on my real steel. That would be like trying to make Ford Pinto parts work on your Ferrari. And some gun-porn to end with… Post Views: 14,


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