Literary agency launched in in Barcelona. Here you can see updated information about the books, authors and new projects represented by us. Below see more info about this unique, powerful and tragic novel. He gives her company and reads stories to her out loud, but above all he scrutinizes and describes Eligia meticulously. In doing so, he must confront his own terrible existence and identity, both of which are bound to the Argentina he has seen disintegrate around him.

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She was badly hurt. Rosa, who did not make a full recovery, later killed herself. This novel is based on these events. The novel starts just as Aron has thrown the acid into the face of his wife. She is rushed to hospital. However, it does not look good for her. The police break into the apartment and find that Aron has shot himself. Mario had been living with his father up to a month previously. Indeed, both had been in prison for a while because of this opposition.

Their marriage had not always been successful. They spent a lot of time apart. However, Aron had been violent and unpleasant, so Mario had moved out. He spent the nights drifting around Buenos Aires, till some relatives took him in. Because of this separation, he did not know his mother well. She hoped to show that empowered with a rational education, the women of her country could rise to the challenges of the modern world.

The doctors have to spend four months removing the damaged tissue from her face before it can be reconstructed. It is eventually decided that the best doctors for this reconstruction are in Milan so Mario and his mother fly to Milan. Much of the novel is about their time in Milan. Mario spends much of his time with his mother, even sleeping in the same room often fully dressed and unwashed.

The operations, which will essentially bankrupt them, take place over a period of two years and we follow every detail, as seen through the eyes of Mario. When his mother is sleeping and he is not, Mario goes out drinking. Indeed, throughout the book, he drinks to excess, like his father.

He spends much of his time in a specific bar, where he meets Dina, a prostitute. They get to know one another and he often accompanies her on her activities, with threesomes, foursomes and other sexual combinations taking place. Eligia has over twenty operations which are all grim but Mario sticks with her, a devoted son.

Eventually, she is given a break and she heads for Geneva, while Mario tours Italy, with his remark if you want to know an Italian city: the cathedral, the plaza, and the brothel; but if you want to know a village… the cemetery, the market, and a whore. Eligia goes into politics and international pedagogical research, while Mario takes up copy editing.

His dry humour, which frequently appears in this book, can be seen in the critique of his copy editing of a cookery book. Mario comments on it but does not give any real motive for it.

She had married Aron when she was sixteen and, of course, the marriage had not been a happy one. Mario ruminates on his father: Between the man who built schools for children and monuments to those he loved and the man who threw acid at his beloved, there is a transformation that I cannot understand. My inability to comprehend him is what binds us. He is involved but, at the same time, tries to keep some form of identity for himself, though that only seems to be drinking and whoring.

The doctor in Milan suggests he use his time profitably, by learning a language, for example, but he rejects the idea. There is clearly a certain amount of self-analysis but, at the end, he says If the time of metaphors ended for me twelve years ago, now the time for excuses is over.

Sadly we know what the outcome will be.


"El desierto y su semilla" de Jorge Baron Biza



El desierto y su semilla



La novela de Jorge Barón Biza fue traducida al inglés y recibe elogios en Estados Unidos


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