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Suitable for mounting in any position, the range is available to suit standard duct sizes from to mm diameter. Features An energy efficient solution with state of the art EC motor technology.

High performance mixed-flow impeller. Fans can be removed for maintenance or repair without disturbing the duct system via specially designed support brackets. All models are designed for direct connection to standard diameter circular ducting. Integral mounting foot makes installation more simple.

Includes plug and lead for easy and quick installation. Suitable for both supply and exhaust air applications. Impellers are made of injection moulded plastic and are a mixed-flow design.

Impellers are made of aluminium and of mixed-flow design. Motors Type - high performance, energy efficient brushless DC motor. Bearings - sealed for life, ball. Motor protection IP EC motors should be directly connected to their appropriate AC supply.

EC motors should not be regularly power cycled. Impellers shall be of mixed-flow design and driven by a speed-controllable, brushless EC-DC motor with manual-reset thermal overload protection. It shall include an integral mounting foot, plug and lead and specially designed support brackets to enable motor removal.


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Ecowatt Series – TD-800/200ECO


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