In primul an, cumperi mobila. In al doilea an, muti mobila. In al treilea an, imparti mobila. Marc Marronnier tocmai a divortat si, fiind un cronicar monden uns cu toate alifiile, s-a hotarat sa scrie o carte despre asta, ca sa disece casnicia sa ratata si sa valideze teoria ca dragostea dureaza doar trei ani. Purtandu-ne prin cluburi de noapte deocheate, birouri extravagante si apartamente unde petrecerile se tin lant, Frederic Beigbeder scrie un roman despre dragoste si cataclismele pe care ea le provoaca. Cocktailul tare pe care ni-l ofera Beigbeder — doua parti umor negru, o parte romantism, plus un strop de lamentare — contine un indemn sanatos: Dragostea creeaza dependenta pe viata!

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Shelves: south , fiction In the last two, three years it was difficult to avoid Beigbeder. He and his French companion Houellebecq were the IT item. In many social circles, their books were discussed, and it was a big entrance for these two ironic, hypocritical and coquette men who were making fun of the same social subcultures. Many adjectives described them: fakers, amateurs, unskilful writers, writing about life nonsense and wastefulness while having everything.

According to In the last two, three years it was difficult to avoid Beigbeder. According to critiques everything is: enough money, cocaine, sex and self-pity. Frederic Beigbeder is an enfant terrible of French literature. Many ho-ho so posh critics would say that because he is not born handsome but born rich , he has decided to become a writer — to put all his psycho-soul pain on paper and to sell it to the ones who still want to feel like they are something, while they are actually nothing.

Bullshit is when you read this stuff from a professional critic pen. I like Beigbeder style, not a lot, but enough. His character, Marc Marronnier, is a man who is wasting his time screwing women, sniffing cocaine, organizing trendy parties and fooling himself that love lasts 3 years.

Nothing is terrible That is his mantra, or how he puts: recipe for lifting moral. Marc Marronnier is a prick without a doubt - and Beigbeder surely is one as well, but he writes excellently.

At least he wants us to believe this. So enfant terrible or not, love him or judge him — Beigbeder or Maronnier found what they have been looking for. All heard before, but what I love about this book is interpretation of this self-absorbed bastard, who in the end is not that at all. He does seem a bit pathetic and sad, just, in the end, end, normal, like most of us, under hormones and acceptance of life steadiness and calmness.

Under paws of something that only love brings, even to those that neglected it with a hard-core negative philosophy. Great read with a pinch of salt. Well, not a pinch — with a truck full of contemporary French remedies.


Dragostea dureaza trei ani

A facut critica literara, cronica de televiziune si a lucrat in lumea publicitatii. Protestatar invederat, este la randul lui contestat, in masura in care chiar el ar corespunde tiparului uman pe care-l denunta: omul de media. Dar tocmai de aici i se trage succesul. Sinceritatea dezarmanta de scriitor il fereste de fapt de ipocrizie: nu s-a considerat niciodata altceva decat i se reproseaza ca este.


Recenzie Dragostea durează trei ani de Frederic Beigbeder


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