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Nebei It will be possible to observe how the whftten responded according to the items of the indicators, allowing tabulating the results using mean, absolute percentage and frequency percentage for a later analysis of the results. Personal Abilities development of self-conscience; management of personal stress; analytical and creative problem solvingInterpersonal Abilities direction, orientation and communication of support; achievement of power and influence; motivation of others; management of conflict and Group Abilities empowerment and delegation; team formation and effective teamwork; routing towards positive change.

Practice, on the other hand, seeks to introduce change, modify reality. The second directive ability observed in Figure 3 is the management of personal stress, which is related to the administration of time and the improvement of the relation stress- time.

Finally, as is indicated in Figure 5, the third assembly of fundamental directive abilities proposed by Whetten and Cameron corresponds with the group abilities: Delegation includes other people in the job activity and is an action inherent to all directive positions. Hence, the present study analyzes from a theoretical perspective, the directive abilities and knowledge management in Public Universities considered as knowledge corporations.

Therefore, global environment demands constant revision of administrative processes to conduct the organization in the correct direction and to achieve success. Habilidaees Ship Orders Internationally. Last, but not lest relevant, is the ability of conducing toward positive change. The third personal directive ability mentioned in Figure 3, is the analytic and creative solution of problems, probably is one of the more complex and difficult to develop. In this sense, Casadop.

Management of knowledge is not the mere indiscriminate flow of information but more a structured process that involves identifying, creating, selecting, organizing, storing, whettrn, sharing and, of course, using the knowledge.

Pearson; 8 edition October 24, Language: Likewise, as may be observed in Figure 2, said development is cyclic, progressive and dynamic where, as aforesaid, the different abilities are interrelated and, in many cases, overlapping, and therefore the learning model of the said, proposed by Whetten and Cameron has almost universal applicability in any organization, regardless of size, type or activity, because they are intrinsic to the directive himself, who must evaluate his current knowledge and behavior, thus learn the best practices and why these work, 9.

These are functions specific of directives, but when individuality and collectivity are spoken about, other elements are considered, such as, intangible actives, organizational learning and, above all, human, intellectual and relational capital.

According to Whetten and Cameronp. Even though there is general consensus about this last affirmation in the specialized literature, this traditional approach, insufficient in educative organizational reality, and of course, contrary to the assumptions of the management of knowledge that involves transference of experiences and personal occurrences, it opposes not only the assumptions of Whetten and Cameron related to the theory-practice balance, desarrollk also those of Del Regnop.

Cultural variation of leadership prototypes across 22 European countries. That said, in the context of Public Universities, both in the internalization and the development of said abilities will allow those who have specific functions of directorship there, to apply in their sphere of action, each and every one of those personal, interpersonal and group attributes that be required to achieve a novel, enriched and, therefore, efficient management, taking into consideration that the dramatic changes and dynamism of the labor, academic and professional world today, merit an integral compendium of abilities, competences and skills to deal with them in both an efficient and effective manner.

Desarrollo de habilidades directivas. Developing Management Skills: David A. Whetten, Kim S. Cameron: : Books The fourth ability described in Figure 4 is another component of work relations: Order Total 1 Item Items: Background materials, such as accreditation directivzs reports, internal reports, historical documents, college catalogs, whettenn audit reports were also examined. In other words, they are the construction bricks on which rest an efficient administration.

In regard to this, Whetten and Cameron indicate that interpersonal conflict is an essential part and is omnipresent in organizational life and, therefore, the directive ability for managing it is that which is composed of three fundamental skills: La importancia de los directivos Comp.

El importante rol de las Habilidades Personales. Diverse practices, abilities and attributes of the effective manager Author Theoretical-Practical Contribution to Directive Skills Malone The second, obtainment of power and influence, with regard to, according to the authors quoted, establishing a base of desxrrollo in order to get the job don and obtain commitments to important objectives.

When speaking of the creation of competences in directives, the postulates of Whetten directivws Cameronp. Besides, these attributes, behavior and strategies may be improved once the group of directives receives managerial training so they enhance the style of management that they employ in their performance. Octubre — Marzo Likewise, this process should address the analysis, denomination and xirectivas of expertise between the members of the organization, for the purpose of creating a value that can be reflected desarroolo the elements as intangible assets, organizational learning and, above all, the human, intellectual and relational capital, because management of knowledge is a work philosophy where, clearly the directorate has a crucial role.

In this regard, authors like Casado concur with Whetten and Cameron when they underscore the importance of developing and applying on the go the personal, interpersonal and group directive abilities, in a systematic and organized manner. This also impacts public universities, which as dynamic organizations, also change at giant paces. Based on years of research and personal observation of directives considered efficient, Whetten and Cameron have identified ten fundamental abilities of administration, organized into three categories, known today as directive abilities, which, depending on 6.

At the same time, in the opinion of the above quoted authors, without delegation and its respective empowerment, no organization and no directive can reach success in the long run.

Fracaso al percibir las similitudes desarrollo de habilidades directivas whetten y cameron elementos que inicialmente parecen ser distintos. Deaarrollo Competing Values Framework cesarrollo help leaders understand more deeply and act more effectively. Theoretically this is realizable if the management of knowledge is considered not only as the mere transference or dissemination of information but as the real and complex process that it is, with, besides, a conjunction of specific abilities of communication linked to the above described, which at the same time may be applied to the identification, creation, selection, organization, storage, filtering, sharing and use of knowledge as a conjunction of experiences, cultural wisdom, values, information, perceptions and ideas that create a certain mental structure in the individual so to evaluate and incorporate new information, both in the individual and the collective plane.

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Regarding the second group ability, team formation and efficient teamwork, it is based on the strategic vision of the directive, with which he, knowing fully his subordinates abilities, can form dynamic teams that can reach efficiently and effectively, the objectives, assignments or goals that have been allocated to them, in pro of common benefit of the organization and its consequent success.

For this, Alles indicates that competent managers are required, with knowledge, skills and expertise, attitudes, personality traits and values that allow them to achieve a good professional performance. Octubre — Marzo Less. This study based the development of directive abilities on the phases of the management process planning, organizing, directing and controllinking them negotiation abilities, leadership, communication and work motivation.

Nevertheless, the exception made of said ability obtaining power and influenceof all the theoretical and practical contributions made about directive abilities, undoubtedly the one done by Whetten and Cameron will me more applicable in the management of Public Universities considered as knowledge enterprises, as will be argued shortly.

Octubre — Marzo techniques of administration and organizational performance. Related Posts.


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