Amazing Rx for the price! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months. Low cost was required as always with ease of operation and a good pedigree. With a wealth of reviews, user groups, YouTube videos available I plumped for the On arrival I was surprised at just how small this radio is, truly portable. It comes with mains adaptor, 4 rechargeable batteries, soft pouch type case, longwire plug in aerial, headphones with volume control, carry strap and english manual.

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When I discovered that Degen had recently refreshed the receiver design of the DE , I was intrigued, to say the least. In truth, I never fell in love with the original DE Degen had quality control issues, too: I had to return two faulty units before getting one that worked as advertised incidentally, I had a similar problem with the Kaito KA At null beat the BFO seems to quit for a second.

It is fine either side of zero beat, however. He decided that he would sell this DE and gave me first dibs, so I bit the bullet. I took the Degen DE outside, sat it on the tailgate of my truck and put it on the air… I tuned around the mediumwave band and picked up all of the local benchmark stations. Same with FM. But the shortwave bands were a different story. But in most instances, I could hear local AM broadcasters bleeding in, as well.

Indeed, imaging was prevalent across the shortwave bands—the receiver was obviously being overwhelmed by a local broadcaster. Could strong interference account for this?

Imaging was prevalent on the DE when it was tuned to pretty much any audible shortwave broadcaster. Note that when I tune off-frequency, no imaging is heard. The Sony had no issues. Too bad…! My assessment? Avoid the new Degen DE Related Spread the radio love.


DE1103 DSP

It would be nice to have analog-feel tuning, but the 15 kHz of frequency guesswork would hamper DXing. Presets numbered can be accessed through direct-entry. The new Optoelectronics X Sweeper expands technology embodied in a previous Opto product, their Xplorer, offering a continuous frequency range from MHz 3 GHz less cellular except on government modelsand sweeping, acquiring and memorizing active frequencies in that entire range in as little as one second. When near a station, you can use two fingers to turn the jog dial wheel slowly to find the exact frequency. Slide the battery lid. Plugging in the included 35 foot wire and stringing it indoors gives a further boost.

ISO 14743 PDF

DEGEN DE1103 Operating Manual



DEGEN DE1103 Operation Manual


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