There was nothing simple about what Brody Carter had to do With any other woman, it would be. But not with Michaela Doucet. He barely knew the provocative Cajun, but already her beautiful face haunted his dreams. True, women like Michaela never took an interest in guys like him—ones who were scarred and bitter enough not to care what the world thought about them. But that had no bearing now that he had to protect Michaela from the Lycans who wanted her dead.

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I had read a couple of the books a little while back but had completely forgotten about it. I love when that happens! Elise Drake was a daughter of privilege at one point in time her father ran the pack and seemed to rule the world.

Of course like most egomaniacs.. Even when his daughter was raped and almost destroyed he put his needs for power first and left Elise a broken shadow of what she could be. She knew her worth was nothing in his eyes and consequently in the eyes of the entire pack. Not knowing what else to do she accepts the help of the Blood Runners the half breeds and their families well they pretty much force her too.

But Elise is confused, why would they want a broken wolf in their inner sanctum? Wyatt Pallaton walks his own path and nothing surprises him more than his instant and constant attraction to Elise Drake. Sure her brother left the purebreds and chose to live with the BloodRunners but Elise, she is something different.

Of course the fact that she stood with her brother when the BloodRunners took down her father makes her one of them now. Only how can Wyatt convince her of this. A secret he wants to keep because he feels his path is too shady for a true wolf like Elise. Only time will be able to bring these two together. Time and patience. Wyatt is willing to go as slow as it takes but fate has other plans.

Then there is the fact that their entire pack, split though it may be is weak and subject to attack from the surrounding packs. They have to learn to work together..

No longer will they be treated like second class citizens. No longer will any member of the Pac be treated with the contempt that Elise has to deal with.. This is not a huge book but it packs a fabulous story!!

Like I said in the beginning I was thrilled to find and reconnect with these wonderful characters. I can not wait for more!! If nothing else, Dark Wolf Running proved that I need to start this series from the very beginning.

Thats not a bad thing. Its not even because there wasnt enough back story and I was lost its just because I want to get to know the other characters better and get Elise and find out where this story began. In other words, Im really liking this series.


Dark Wolf Running (2000)



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