Arashigul CyberHome Entertainment User Manual 83 pages The plastic tab — which cybrhome the battery terminals — extends the life of the battery. To own this piece of technology you need to be an expert or above to work it and if cybehrome need any kind of support, forget it. The trouble began when the remote seemed to stop working. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. The number of angles depends on the disc. CyberHome Entertainment User Manual The plastic tab — whichcovers the battery terminals — extends the life of the battery.

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We strongly recommend that you carefully study the Operating Instructions before attempting to operate the unit and that you note the listed precautions. Keep these instructions: These instructions should be retained for future reference. Sudden stops, excessive force and uneven floor surface may cause the product to fall from the cart.

Placing: Please do not place the product on an unstable cart, stand, tripod or table. Placing the product on an unstable base may cause the product to fall resulting in damage to the product.

No user-servicable parts inside. Refer to qualified service personnel for servicing. Check the contents of the package carefully, as some items may be located under the packing foam.

You can find the order numbers for the accessories below the pictures. In case of any requirement, please ask your dealer. Note: Pictures may deviate. Never touch the signal surface, which is shiny. This applies to both sides of double sided discs. Cleaning of discs Tapes - Finger prints or stains on the surface of the disc can cause signal missing.

During playback, this is used to pause a disc. Press this button again to resume normal playback. Plug the matching end of the power cord into the unit before connecting the other end to the wall socket.

Indicates that the device is ready to operate. LO The disc is read or a blank disc has been inserted and needs to be formatted. If a disc is inserted, it perhaps cannot be read.

Simply pull out the plastic tab in the remote control to activate the battery. The plastic tab - which covers the battery terminals - extends the life of the battery. Plastic tab Note: Please note that some models may not include this plastic tab. A 30 degree angle is recommended for best operation. You may also change the settings in the display menu. Volume up: Increases the volume level. Direction button: Right.

Used to navigate disc menus, the on-screen setup menu, etc. Enters Stop mode after pressing the button two times. H Select previous title: Press this button two times to skip to the previous track, chapter or title.

If you connect the DVD recorder through the video recorder to the TV, there will be the Macrovision copyright protection. For the audio connection you can use the red and white stereo audio in connectors of your TV. The brightness and colour signals are transferred over the same wire. Two aerial cables not supplied 2.

Power cord supplied 3. The S-Video connector is distinguishable by its 4 pins. You can find the channel number information in the user manual of your TV.

The channel number will change according to the selected frequency and vice versa. You may also change the name of a TV station. Moreover, you can set the language for the on-screen menu OSD. However, the DVD recorder display will only display English text regardless of this setting.

Be careful not to touch the playing surface. Hold the disc by the sides and with your fore finger through the hold in the middle and insert gently into the tray. In the display will appear the chapter number and the elapsed time. Playback starts usually automatically. A streaming media format for audio and video developped by Microsoft.


CyberHome 1600 User Manual

Vijar For recording the current TV channel or external video signals. Region Mnual Information Indicates the current title and the available titles on the disc. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. It uses MPEG 2video compression with a higher and variable data rate.


CyberHome DVR 1600 Operation Manual


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