Accordingly, the vehicle-related laws and regulations of the advanced countries aim not only to reduce the exhaust gas emissions and prevent the global warming but also to abandon the development of gasoline engines and promote the development of new technology e. For this purpose various laws and regulations e. Due to the widening gap between advanced car maintenance technology and the skills of maintenance staff, the distribution level of maintenance technology is absolutely low, increasing the time it takes for maintenance staff to identify the cause of failures and troubleshoot vehicle problems. It also has a recording function allowing recording of abnormal signals, which can then be replayed for analysis. CARMAN SCAN VG is a complete integrated vehicle information measuring system which delivers the car maintenance information of domestic vehicles in real time, and which has the intelligent self-diagnosis and recording function, satisfying the requirements of the information age.

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Turn on the scanner and wait for the computer to recognize it. Run from the computer to the downloaded file. I look forward to when it will load. After that, safely disconnect the scanner from the computer. Switch off the device and turn it on again.

The scanner starts to load the program into RAM. Click "OK". The program is loaded and the scanner is ready for further work. If you are downloading the file from the site you will find that it is not a fire. EXE , and has the extension. Connect the scanner to the computer via USB cable and plug the power cable. Turn on the scanner and wait for the computer to detect it. Step 2. Go to "My computer" and choose "Removable disk".

Step 3. It copied the file obtained from the website. Close the window. Safely turning off the scanner. Step 4. Disconnect the USB cable. In the main menu of the scanner go to "Downloading" Step 5. Select in the left part of the uploaded file and click "Download" Step 6. To the question about file download - click "OK" Step 7. To the question "can you Confirm? Step 8. Update-installed in the scanner.


Carman Scan VG+



Carman Scan VG64 Diagnostic Tester


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