Maranta allouia Aubl. Root - cooked[ 46 ]. Rich in starch[ ]. The crisp cooked tubers are very agreeable with a flavour like sweetcorn[ ]. It is used in salads, stews and fish dishes.

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Non-GMO Its leaves can also be used to wrap food and its young white flowers can also be cooked. Leren plants have leaves, grown in a 5. When you receive this plant, simply remove the plastic and check moisture in the soil.

Water the rhizome times per day. Plants have also been fertilized for the season. Images of rhizomes are to show harvest potential for live plants once established or concluding a growing season. In zones outside its native range for in ground planting zones , they can be brought indoors for the winter, where it will spend the cold months dormant without leaves.

Topi tambo should be planted in shaded areas of the garden for natural growth and avoiding burnt leaf tips. To establish the plant, initial watering schedule can include times weekly, with reduced needs in subsequent weeks.

Water needs are minimal once established. Rhizomes grown near other plants in loose soil with supplemental watering is best practice for higher nutrition and flavor quality. Mulch heavily with loose organic bedding materials to protect over cooler months while plant is dormant and retain moisture in the warm months.

Expect to harvest roots after their first season in months. Allow to overwinter without harvesting to allow rhizomes to spread. Arrange Gingers in block plantings or small gardens of their own for higher yields of the rhizome. This is eliminated in plants grown in a container. Consuming turmeric in tea will do the same for the human body, assisting in healing and soothing of various ailments.


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It produces egg-shaped tuberous roots 2 centimetres 0. Indigenous people of the Americas have used the durable leaves to make traditional medicines and as baby clothing. Leren usually reproduces itself through rhizomes which produce shoots and new plants. It sprouts with the first rains and grows rapidly, forming tubers which are harvested as the foliage begins to die back eight or nine months after the initial sprouting.


Calathea allouia



Goeppertia allouia


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