Cait and the Devil — Annabel Joseph Hillary rated it did not like it Dec 31, If a book has to have an innocent virgin as a female lead, Cait is adorable. Joseph was kidnapped and taken by mysterious ninja monks to a monastery high in the glaciers of western China, where she was kept on a diet of bread and water until she wrote a novel. Will their powerful and unusual cajt of love prevail? This was just too cruel and twisted for my taste. Carol on March 20, Cait was a dependent, clingy and annoying girl; and Duncan was an insensitive, stupid abuser.

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March 3, annabeljoseph I picked Cait and the Devil this week for two reasons. This was a long-time erotic fantasy of mine—the bedraggled lady turning up on the doorstep of a man who is handsome and commanding but does not want to marry her. Within hours they have to marry anyway, usually at the edict of a king or due to some non-negotiable circumstance. This scene takes place during the hurried preparations for the impromptu wedding, as Duncan the Devil chats with his man Connor. Connor nudged Duncan as Henna led his bride into the hall.

By God, he recognized the dress at once, but the girl wearing it, that was something else altogether. Gone was the dust covered urchin of the courtyard, replaced by an astonishingly beautiful woman.

And she was a woman, not a child at all. Not tonight. Lenore was in his memory enough as it was. He shot a reproachful look at Henna, beckoning her to his side.

It belonged to my dead wife. Because I hated her. Because she made me miserable. Because she died. Find her another. I order it. She watched them arguing with an anxious look on her face. As if she had not been through enough, he thought. Henna led her from the hall and Cait let herself be dragged along without complaint. He could see she was tired, absolutely exhausted.

He put his head in his hands and rubbed his eyes. His friend Connor chuckled. Click the book cover below to read a blurb and find buy links. Different era, same hotness factor.

Buy it, love it, tell all your friends about it. Historical perversity rules.


Cait And The Devil (2009)

He is naturally dominant and she is naturally submissive. If you were raised away from everything, you would be as naive as Cait, as trusting, as innocent. It was too difficult to read, even glancingly, the horrible abuse that was reaped upon her. That was going to affect my rating, but the wrap up and her reactions won me over! Maybe Ms. Joseph was kidnapped and taken by mysterious ninja monks to a monastery high in the glaciers of western China, where she was kept on a diet of bread and water until she wrote a novel.



Tojajind The male lead is likable and sympathetic, without being Damaged Dom that needs vagina therapy. Overall I loved it, I read it one sitting. Krystal rated it it was ok Oct 31, I had written a nice, plump review of this book. Will their powerful and unusual brand of love prevail? She is recognized for writing emotionally intense BDSM storylines, and strives to create characters that seem real—even flawed—so ddevil are better able to relate to them. And the abuse she put the female lead character through was more than a little off-putting. Can Duncan protect his vulnerable wife?

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