This alarm has its own internally driven circuitry and operates from 5V to 15V, which is perfect for this project because we have 12V readily available. This kit comes with the CF microcontroller installed—see Figure 1 below. Keil Evaluation Toolset 3. In single-cell battery mode, this pin must be connected to VBAT through a 0.

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Shaktir Silicon Laboratories reserves the right to make changes without further notice and limitation to product information, specifications, and descriptions herein, and does not give warranties as to the accuracy or completeness dagasheet the included information.

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This project uses a C microcontroller development kit, an accelerometer evaluation board, and Simplicity Studio IDE—all from Silicon Labs—to rather quickly and easily build a motion-detecting alarm system. The CF Development Kit contains the following items:. Dagasheet sure to have the accelerometer on a fairly level surface. Copy your embed code and put on your site: After receiving the interrupt signal, the microcontroller then turns on two external FETs thereby energizing both the audio alarm and the two LED flood lights.

Trademark Information Silicon Laboratories Inc. In reality, this issue had me stumped before I resorted to utilizing an SPI bus analyzer. In single-cell battery mode, this pin is typically not connected to ground. Figure 9 shows the positions of the factory default shorting blocks. The products must not be used within any Life Support System without the specific written consent of Silicon Laboratories. This supply voltage is not required in low power sleep mode.

V are selected datadheet SW4 is configured to two-cell mode. As can be seen, I have configured register 0x20 in such a way that only the X and Y axes are enabled. Cg Definitions Table 2. In addition, power supply and ground pins are included. Refer to Table 5 for the H1 terminal block connections.

G Optional Analog Ground. Evaluation board datasheet Device datasheet. Bonding Instructions Table 3. Silicon Laboratories products are datassheet not intended for military applications. The code excerpt below shows the necessary code changes.

To create a new profile: Right-click on the group name and choose Add file to group. Silicon Laboratories, Inc. CF Initial response time for FA requests that meet this requirements will follow the standard FA guidelines for packaged parts. BT2 is only used in two-cell mode. Related Articles.



Select files to be added. Cf can reduce active supply current? Refer to Table 5 for the H1 terminal block connections. Additional outputs include estimated battery capacity, average current, self-discharge current, and the ability to export graph data to a comma delimited text file for plotting in an external graphing application. Figure 9 shows the positions of datashet factory default shorting blocks.




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