Zolorr A small town in the countryside plagued by mysterious deaths? Okay so this book was free on my Kindle and i can see why. Venom 3 books by Kristen Middleton Goodreads Author. May 03, Elle Klass rated it really liked it.

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Okay so i will, willingly give this a 2. Unfortunately raging teenage hormones have gone ape-shit crazy in this book. I thought that our main character Nikki would have some self-control, or be cautious of men after what happened to her mother - oh and her mother? Yes that is actually a line from the book so i am not lying. Dunc - an actually, ridiculously nice guy. And apparently after knowing each other for i think it was about a week or so, maybe two, Nikki and him were "falling in love" and i felt like i was watching a five second relationship in the works which is sad because i did NOT like Ethan - who is the other love interest who started to show up when i started to give up.

All i know about him is that he calls her by the wrong name, and pretty much tries to jump her bones every time they are in the same room together and quite frankly that is no way to start a relationship in my eyes.

I will admit it was just a fun read, the characters are pretty charming when they want to be So if you are looking for just something fast, fun, a little bit sex-sceney which i did NOT see coming, sure go for it. Parts were awkward, parts were cheesy, parts required an eye-roll in exasperation. The dialog seemed forced. So you want your teenage characters to use curse words but then use childish "terms of endearment"?

Three of those between pages and Been done a million and one times in the past. And the fact that Nikki keeps seeing someone in her bathroom window, but she is on the second floor of the house.

How about putting up a curtain or even a sheet? There were also some weird sentence structures and some missing words. I really hate giving negative reviews. Really I do. But considering this book seems to have just as many four and five star reviews as two and three, I think this is another one of those "not every book is for every person" circumstances. At twenty-six chapters, BLUR is a fast read but just not for me.





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