Bhoomiyude Avakashikal Bhoomiyude Avakashikal is a Malayalam feature film written and directed by T. Chandran ; the film stars Kailash in the lead role along with Sreenivasan and Mythili who play pivotal supporting roles. Bhoomiyude Avakashikal is the third and last installment of T. The narratives of all these films begin on the same day, 28 February , that is, on the day after the Godhra train burning in Gujarat.

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Vishnu Unnikrishnan Themes In an interview with noted film critic C. Venkiteswaran of The Hindu newspaper, T. Chandran said, Venkiteswaran notes that Bhoomiyude Avakashikal is "perhaps the first Malayalam film that leaves the human and the anthropocentric narration behind, and explores the realm of the non-human. Also the film is done as a tribute to Basheer and his ideologies. Chandran says, "No, the film is not based on the Basheer story, but it is a film that is dedicated to him.

In fact, the title draws not only from Basheer but also from the Red Indian Chief who told the American President that they are the real inheritors of the earth. The film is actually dedicated to Basheer, the great musical genius M. Baburaj , and the vanishing habitats of Kerala. Sreenivasan had donned a key role in the film Ormakal Undayirikkanam. Though it was very common a few decades ago, it has totally vanished with human habitation taking over our earth, driving out all other organisms and life forms.

Filming lasted for more than a month from June and the shoot was wrapped up by August. One morning, when Chandran and cameraman Ramachandra Babu returned from their morning walk in Nelliyampathi, they brought with them a rare breed of millipede, which they found on their way. If earlier, I was bothered about how comfortable my co-stars are, this time around, all of us on the sets ensured that the animals and insects around had no hassles because of us," he says.

The film has a scene wherein the hero keenly observes an ant climbing up his hand. That will be a costly affair and one reason why we have to depend on digital film-making," says Chandran. However, pointing out the pitfalls in digital cinematography, Chandran says he would have preferred the conventional mode if he need not have to worry about the costs.


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Themes[ edit ] In an interview with noted film critic C. Venkiteswaran of The Hindu newspaper, T. Humanity is the most endangered thing in our lives now; we are not only pushing all other life forms out of the earth, but, in the process, humaneness too, the ability to coexist with others, tolerance for others and all that make human life worth living. This film is about a man who is driven away from place to place by human intolerance, violence and hatred. Finally, he finds a place devoid of humans, in a dilapidated house in the middle of a vast compound, amongst all forms of flora and fauna. He converses with the rats, tortoises and spiders. Also the film is done as a tribute to Basheer and his ideologies.


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ഭൂമിയുടെ അവകാശികള്‍ | Bhoomiyude Avakaashikal



Bhoomiyude Avakashikal Explained


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