No, no, no! He shifted her gently, drawing her closer to his body. Suffocating in fear, he cupped the side of her face with a shaky hand. Come on. He searched…and searched…. He blinked away more tears and searched some more….

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Gabriel jutted his jaw. Or cry. Heather would absolutely scream. And cry. Life is short. And I want to do something meaningful with it. I want to have purpose. Something beyond Avalon fairs and Millhouse coffee and nail polish. Nate twitched his lips. Nate shrugged. Or a limb? Gabriel looked at her. She was wearing a fuzzy winter sweater that looked like it was made of feathers, a short wool skirt, and high-heeled, knee-length boots.

Her giant purse, larger than her torso, was slung over her shoulder, and her blond hair fell in perfect curls around her head. Looking down at herself, Heather puckered her lips.

What I care about is the tree picture. And right now? And Avalon. But the picture is meaningless without more information. We need something that might shed more light on what an apple tree has to do with eternal water, if anything at all.

Everyone but Heather, who kept clearing her throat. Gabriel shifted his eyes to Heather, trying to look bored. Brooks yet? He casually walked over to her and gently caught her hand as it moved from the broken window to an end table. What to do, what to do. Heather blinked pleasantly. Brooks guy. Heather ignored him and looked at Nate. Good idea. Team Super Secret Fountain Seekers? A moment passed. Gabriel rolled his eyes. He was sitting at the desk in his bedroom, Scarlet standing behind him.

Laura had called earlier to let Scarlet know she was going to be stuck in a meeting all night—what kind of work meetings took place at nighttime? Heather had already left, flying out of the dirt driveway so fast the trees that lined the road rustled after her. Scarlet bit her lip. But that makes it even more strange. Why would I hide it? Scarlet sighed. I know, I know. You were just…frustrated. You wanted to find the fountain more than ever before and you were impatient and…and…. Gabriel stood up from his desk chair and walked to the bed.

You were desperate. Gabriel smiled and kissed her lips. His lips were soft and full and warm. Her laughter was quickly replaced with a hushed breath as she wrapped her arms around Gabriel and let his mouth trail down to her shoulder before meeting her lips again.

See, Kristy? Scarlet eagerly kissed Gabriel back, heat rushing through her core as she parted her lips and felt his tongue against her own. His hands slid beneath the hem of her shirt and his fingers padded along the bare skin of her back and hips. Scarlet shivered with desire and pressed herself against him as she ran a hand down his back.

He was so big and strong and he smelled so good and tasted so delicious.



Gabriel jutted his jaw. Or cry. Heather would absolutely scream. And cry. Life is short. And I want to do something meaningful with it. I want to have purpose.


The Archers of Avalon Series

Hell, even the illiterate. But sometimes love Seventeen-year-old Scarlet has just died. This time, though, she comes back to her current life instead of awaking in a new one, and she realizes the curse is changing. Thank goodness!

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