Following the events in To Ride, Pegasus and set a generation or so before The Rowan , this era finds mankind not yet having settled planets outside the solar system. Even with officially From Publishers Weekly McCaffrey continues to develop her future world in which psionic Talents, once feared and despised, are by now necessary to the comfort and conduct of society. Even with officially mandated birth control, the world teems with too many people. Essential to the construction of a space station being built to serve as springboard to the stars are the services of the Talents--particularly the telekinetics, who can move objects by mental power. Meanwhile two youngsters are found to be unusually Talented: Peter Reidinger overcomes paralysis to develop the first gestalt with electrical generators this becomes the basis for future space travel , while Tirlap, an illegal child from the vertical slums, facilitates communication among a wide variety of cultures. Meanwhile, kidnappers prey on children for pederastic pursuits and for spare parts.

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It never gets old to me, and I know this wont be the last time I read it. Yes, Im one of those people who can read a book or watch a movie over, and over, and over.

Part of the reason is that if its a great book I tend to read it way too fast and I miss things, so I read it again later to pick up all the things I missed. This time through Pegasus I tried to focus on exactly why I love it so much. It might be the writing. The characters, even the minor ones, are so three dimensional that I feel like I know them. They are my neighbors and my friends. The world she sketches is vibrant and to me a logical extension of our own. Or psychic Talent, as it were.

Mind you, when she wrote it seemed like far enough into the future to make all the futuristic things logical. Have we become what she envisioned? But we still might, maybe years from now.

It might be the story. The story is an overview of how Talent came to be, and how it got organized. This story has a little something extra. A spark. The idea that telepathy might be something we eventually happen upon and grow into has always fascinated me. Or even that feeling when you let go of the ball and just know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is going into the net and you will win the game.

Whatever the moment was, you probably just brushed it off as intuition. McCaffrey takes that question, the what if, and draws it out in a way that captivates me and makes me want to walk right into the story and live there. If you like a bit of fantasy with your SF, try the Pern series. If you love dreaming about how our world might grow into something different, try To Ride Pegasus, and then the rest of the Talent series, especially The Rowan.

What the heck, try them all!


To Ride Pegasus

Douzahn Books by Anne McCaffrey. Everyone present, including McCaffrey, had tears in their eyes by the end. Jun 29, Erin Ppegasus rated it it was amazing. The only complaint I have is the ending felt abrupt. Daffyd pauses for a brief moment staring at the elevator control panel, deep in thought Daffyd questions his moral and ethics as well as wonders about the future for Talents. This group of stories chronicles the birth and growing pains of the Research and Training Center for protecting Talents and using their gifts for all mccaffrdy.


The Wings of Pegasus: To Ride Pegasus: Pegasus in Flight

Novella[ edit ] The novella "To Ride Pegasus" is a prequel to the three previously published stories. It explains the fortunate scientific discovery of psionic powers and the earliest establishment of the Talents in human society, in Greater New York late during the 20th century. In the hospital, a talented nurse notices his unusual electroencephalograph EEG recordings and they complete the discovery together. Darrow recognizes the crucial breakthrough: Now we can prove parapsychic powers exist and who has them. The Center will supply them with the specialized jobs that utilize their Talents.





[PDF] To Ride Pegasus Book by Anne McCaffrey Free Download (232 pages)


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