Background Edit The AlphaSmart was a keyboarding device that enabled a person to work on the go, much like a laptop computer , but it was strictly for word processing, as it functioned essentially like a simple digital typewriter. Since the AlphaSmart, Dana, and NEO were specialized for limited purposes, they were generally much cheaper than a standard laptop computer. When not transferring text, the AlphaSmart could be used as a standard keyboard. AlphaSmarts were very popular in schools[ citation needed ] for their affordability and durability.

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Page 2: System Requirements This guide is meant to provide a quickstart for using your computer AlphaSmart. Page 3: Basics Of Using An Alphasmart 1, the file 2 key to go to file 2 and so forth, up to file 8. Text is to send text to your computer. The following cables are automatically saved in all files used.

Page 5: Pc Y Cable i. MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Warning: Always leave the PC Y cable installed. If for any reason you need to remove the PC Y cable from the computer, do so when your computer is turned off.

Press the send key once. Wait up to 10 seconds and your text should appear in the word processing document. This provides document, while the end button moves the cursor to the end of a total storage capacity of pages or , characters. Page 8: Other Features AlphaSmart. The default auto power-off setting on your AlphaSmart is 4 The AlphaSmart is shipped with this function disabled.

To minutes. To change this press cmd-option-T then set to your enable it for the first time, you will need to contact our Technical preferred time by pressing the up or down arrow keys. Page 9 This requires the purchase of our bi-directional software called To access the keyboarding timer press cmd-find. To start the Get Utility. Please contact your local dealer or AlphaSmart for Timer just start typing and to stop to see your calculated score further information. Page 10 Web, databases or other text files and If you are printing directly from an AlphaSmart to a printer compile them as you see fit.


Alphasmart 2000 Manuals & User Guides

Meshakar If missing characters or jumbled text appears, slow down the transfer speed. System 3 Update Guide 10 Warning! Slphasmart do I replace the Lithium battery? Also included is the AlphaSmart System 3 Addendum. Slow is compatible with all machines and most applications. Place the cursor in the file where you wish to insert the text.


Alphasmart 3000 Quick Start Manual


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