Highly scalable Multipoint Control Unit Reliable and highly scalable Multipoint conferencing solution for Large Enterprises and Service Providers Unmatched flexibility High definition and standard definition room systems, desktops and audio conferencing are supported on a broad range of networks Modular and Expandable platforms The Aethra Modular System components can be combined to provide highly configurable and expandable deployments Optimized Capacity and Advanced Video Processing The AMS platform delivers optimized capacity providing each conferencing application - High definition room systems, standard definition room systems, Desktops and audio — the highest capacity at the most effective cost per port. Users enjoy the best audio and video quality supported by their endpoint and network - whether it is high definition, standard definition or desktops on any network. The AMS chassis provides built-in, dual redundant power supplies with dual power feeds. All the AMS blades are hot-swappable so that they can be replaced without turning the system off for guaranteed uptime. Centralized Management The comprehensive centralized management suite AeDS allows control, configuration, global network view and management of the entire video network. Each user enjoys the full benefits of advanced video processing including: advanced CP layouts, rate matching, text and frame overlay and active speaker indication.

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General After the first start of the conference system, the following picture is displayed: First setups can be made here, e. After starting the conference system in normal mode, the following picture is displayed: There are the buttons on the left side for the different variants of establishing a connection. The setup button Einstellungen which leads to the configuration menu is located in the right part of the image.

Press the OK button of the remote control after having marked the button Settings Einstellungen. An overview of the setup menu is displayed. In order to activate an option, mark the corresponding field and confirm by pressing the OK button on the remote control. User Default The setup menu user default is devided into additional submenus as presented in the following picture: Control Panel: In this section, the appearance of the conference system can be designed individually.

The following three submenus are available for this purpose: general, screen saver, remote control. The remote control can be configured in different ways, so that either: only the number keys of the keyboard can be used or several devices can be operated at once with theremote control. A numerical identificator 01 to 99 can be assigned to every device for this purpose. The following illustration shows this part of the menu.

The remote control needs to be prepared afterwards. Wait until "Stand by" button stops flashing. Put in the numerical code for the device that is to be controlled 01 to Processing: automatic volume regulation and noise suppression can be switched on or off. Volume: for different events e. Video Quality: The following parameters can be set up here: "Video Quality-Speed": Balancing between acridity and fluent stream of the video Aethra Error Strategies: Setting up an amount of allowed errors in a line before the video freezes: Min Fluency: Stopping the video right after the first error; Max Fluency: Allows any amount of errors without stopping the video Audio-Video Synchronization Audio Delay Automatic : You may also synchronize audio and video.

Audio delay represents a certain value in milliseconds by which the arriving audio signal is slowed down. In order to achieve perfect synchronization between audio and video, it is necessary to adjust the parameters according to the quality of connection. It is highly recommended to select the check box.

This feature allows you to let the conference system carry out the operation automatically. You can also adjust the parameters manually by moving the sliding controller back and forth until the optimal synchronization is achieved. Customize Each user interface can be enabled or disabled i. Select the assigned Icon and press OK so as to set a speed dialing. The driver of the camera and other video inputs can be selected here.

Additionally, the PTZ functionality can be activated for all video inputs mark "MOVE" Monitor: top of page Installation Again, numerous submenus are accessible from the menu installation. The range of selection is depicted in the following image.

The focus will lie on the terminal settings and network settings-IP gateway and the like. Terminal Settings: The terminal settings for the various network interfaces can be adjusted in this menu. DualVideo H. H Settings: The options of configuration which are required so as to use the system with the H. You will need to insert the IP-address of the server which runs the application. In order to enable this function, mark the box next to "Use NetMeeting" and insert the IP-address of the applicating server.

The presentation is to be selected for transmittal. A slide can be selected by using the arrow keys of the remote control and pressing OK. This slide will be presented in complete picture and will be transmitted to the remote system. The remote control arrow keys or the icons in the lower part of the screen can be used for controlling the presentation.


Aethra Vega X3 User Manual



Aethra Vega X3 Use And Installation Manual






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