Shaktitaxe Benevolent Heart Bujinkan Dojo. Koshijutsu organ and muscle attacks are taught using points on the wrists, arms, shoulders, throat, face, back, chest and legs etc. According to the Bujinkan, Gyokushin Ryu has sutemi waza techniques and is focused more on the art and techniques of espionage than on fighting. This tape covers Stealth movement and Gotonpo body concealment methods using nature to escape. Ichimonji no kata is the first movement drill you will learn from the Kihon Happo.

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This is a great asset to help you learn the Ninja art. Plus everything is in a special designed binder which also holds your study dvds so that you can take the Ninjutsu Course with you anywhere, making it a true Distance Learning Ninjutsu Home Study Course. Learn the proper Ninjutsu bowing-in procedures, how to tie your belt, how to warm up and stretch before training.

Covers how to be out of the way of attacks with proper evasion by using your body effectively. The foundation for all of the more advanced techniques you will learn rests upon your ability to move fluidly and go to the ground without fear. At 8th kyu you will be introduced to the Kihon Happo movements, the fundamental ways of moving upon which our art and most all of the martial arts are based. From this level on up you will need a partner to work out with.

Ichimonji no kata is the first movement drill you will learn from the Kihon Happo. Jumonji, Hoko and Doko No Kamae. You need to be able to go to the ground effectively and be able to take your partner off balance using your body movement rather than muscle.

Basic tanto knife techniques are also covered. The Kusari fundo, a weighted chain, is the weapon focus for this level we always use a rope version for safety when training with a partner. Meditation, Diet, More Kihon Happo. This level is a major step and accuracy as well as good body flow is a must. Continuing the Kihon Happo you will learn Hicho no kata flying bird form movement drill and Ganseki Nage beginning throwing forms.

Basic grappling forms are also covered at this level and the weapon focus for this level is Shuriken throwing stars. Sword evasion forms, Medium level Grappling Kihon Happo , Body grab escapes, Shuriken techniques, Beginning throws Nage , advanced kicking and punching methods also done while falling.

This DVD reviews how important balance is in your training and in your life. Jumping kicks, Countering Kicking attacks, leg sweeps, wrist breaking techniques, 6ft bo staff training basic and advanced , Rolls jumping and diving , Flying techniques. This dvd reviews the importance of this as well as introducing the sword, including how to hold it, 10 different sword kamae postures and the basic movements and cuts from each of the 10 postures.

Sword postures 10 different kamae , basic movement and cutting from each one, Throwing skills of ganseki forms, Silent movement, using nature, Fist and body harmony, power moves, damaging blows crush your opponent. Kuten front handspring , Noburi kata climbing trees, buildings, poles , and Suwari gata kneeling forms : wrist grabs, reversals, throws and kicks from a kneeling position are shown.

Weapon focus on this video is the proper use of Shuko hand claws and Kenjutsu Shinobi Iai the art of properly drawing a sword. Short discussion on using dreams as insight into things that are happening in your life. Choking and strangulation holds, Knee and elbow strikes, Bone attacks, Climbing trees skills, How to draw a Sword several ways, Fighting from sitting and kneeling, Hand claws, Dream work.

Koshijutsu organ and muscle attacks are taught using points on the wrists, arms, shoulders, throat, face, back, chest and legs etc. Advanced throwing variations henka from the Kihon Happo movements of Ura Gyaku, Omote Gyaku, Musha Dori and Ganseki Nage are shown as well as Koshi nage hip throws , Itami nage pain throws and a rare demonstration of Kuki nage throwing without touching your opponent by using energy and intent only- no body contact. Weapon focus is the Kyoketsu shoge long rope with circular ring on one end and a double bladed dagger on the other and how to use Metsubushi blinding powder.

Stealth, Escaping from danger using nature Gotonpo , Advanced throws Nage waza , Organ and muscle attacks of Koshijutsu, Variations of advanced grappling forms, Rare Shoge weapon, Metsubushi blinding powders. Breaking body balance, flowing from technique to technique, capturing the essence of the techniques, and getting your life to work for you are all covered on this DVD.

If you have really been practicing, by this level of your training your life should be very different than when you first started training. You will be more confident, more relaxed and generally a happier, more aware, and more conscious human being.

Now you are ready to really train! This is a great asset to help you learn the art. This is not hard to learn if you are learning a technique at a time with a name attached to it, as you are just naming something. Then She recorded it on an Audio cd for the students many thanks to her!

This Ninjutsu terminology Audio cd says the phase in Japanese and then in English with a slight pause so you can repeat it out loud. What a difference it makes. Not all students who train with us through the distant learning course or in the dojo desire to test for ranking. Years of training for one small investment. See you on the Mat!


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